9 Effective Tips to Stop Bad Habits

Effective Tips to stop bad habits – We all must have bad habits and the saddest thing is that we have bad habits but we don’t realize they are bad habits. Every bad habit must have a big effect in your life, although the effect is not visible at this time but one day your anti will see and taste the bad habits that you do. As an example, you currently have a bad habit of smoking, maybe the effects are not visible at this time but you can see the effects in the future such as health problems. Smoking is one of the bad habits that affects many things such as economic factors (try to calculate how much money you have spent on smoking activities so far), health problems (both yourself and those around you) and others.

Bad habits may be very difficult for most people but it is not impossible to do whatever bad habits you do. Most people will fail to break bad habits because the most common things are having hope but not having enough intention, procrastinating, overspending, promising but not immediately fulfilling (no action) etc. Many people definitely want to stop their bad habits, so here are some tips to get rid of negative attitude patterns or bad habits as quoted from the LifeHacker site.

Effective Tips to Stop Bad Habits

Yes, anyone who wants to do everything depends on his intentions, right? If you already have a strong intention, a unanimous determination then nothing is impossible. If you have a real will and intention to stop all your bad habits then it is not impossible that you will succeed.

Promise to stay consistent with your intentions
Even with good intentions to change your bad habits it is not enough when our willpower fades. You may have promised not to smoke or would only have two drinks when going out with friends, for example, but I’m sure your agreement will not be kept once you step into a cafe or hang out with a smoking friend of yours. Try creating reminders on your own calendar to remember the times when you were weakest to be influenced by bad habits. Intentions, agreements that are influential and consistent with your intentions will help you break your bad habits.

Reward your bad habits with money
Changing bad habits and creating good habits is certainly more difficult and painful than implementing your bad habits. Money is a good motivator that you can use to motivate yourself to stop your bad habits of course if you are serious about quitting your bad habits, as an example you swear or promise to offer your money as an example only 50 thousand to your friends if you repeat the bad habits you do. This will motivate you not to repeat bad habits if you are serious about doing it.

Or you can do it the other way around, namely you will get money that should be for bad habits (buying cigarettes, liquor, clubbing or whatever bad habits you do) for rewards or rewards for your efforts to stop bad habits, save that money and try to count one week, 1 month, 1 year or how many years later how much money do you save. In this way you have changed your life towards a better habit.

Understanding What Triggers or Causes Your Bad Habits
Every bad habit that you want to change a little easier then you must first know the trigger or cause. By knowing the causes or triggers for you to do bad habits, you will know effective ways to stop these bad habits. As an example, if you are a money waster then know the cause maybe the reason you are holding a credit card, holding an Atm card, holding too much money in your wallet … this way to stop your bad habit of wasting your money then bring just enough money in your wallet, stop carrying or using credit cards or ATMs etc.

Slow down and make small changes
Forming new, better habits requires a process, a lot of time and hard work, so don’t ever think you can make big changes in an instant, remember the many sayings that motivate you that everything you want to achieve requires process, time and effort. For example, the sayings “Rome was not built in one day”, “Assemble a raft upstream, swim to the shore”, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step” etc. It is true, whatever you want to change the bad habits in your life then make it slowly but continuously (continue) and change from the small things in your life.

So be patient with yourself and instead of making a dramatic habit, try to focus on one habit and the smallest steps you can take to “make a better habit.” For example, if you want to lose your body that is too fat because of bad habits in food consumption, then try. With small meals and diets, for example, small changes such as reducing one pack of sugar or switching cream in your coffee with low fat milk can make a big difference in the long run. .

Thinking what the response from your bad habit
Bad habits must have a bad effect on your life, if you don’t see the effect at this time maybe in your future as I mentioned above, so think carefully about what reactions can be caused because of your bad habits. By understanding and understanding the impact of your bad habit response this will help you in stopping your bad habit.

Write in list
You may be itching to get rid of the habit right now, but as noted above, changing a bad habit takes time. Before you start trying to change a habit, consider thinking about it thoroughly for the first month by writing it down in your diary, listing reasons you want to quit, writing down every time you find yourself doing it, and so on. You can be better prepared to beat the habit after this preparation.

Change Your Environment
Over time, if you do the same behavior in the same area, your environment can be a trigger for you to repeat your habit. Change your environment, if you hang out with people who still like to smoke or drink alcohol, it becomes possible and attracts you to repeat your bad habits.

Return to the path you set
Chances are you will have bad days, stress or days where you “relapse” to repeat your bad habits. Realize that and get back on track where you want to stop your habit, otherwise you will go back far and wide to repeat your bad habit over and over again.

So, those are some tips as quoted from the LifeHacker site about how effective tips can help you stop your bad habits, if you have your own experience about how to stop your bad habits then please share your experience with thousands of readers of this blog by commenting in the comment form that has been provided. provided or shared on social media sites under posts.