9 Natural Ways to Fade & Lighten Scars

Overcoming scars – Uneven skin color due to scars such as burns, cuts, wounds from falling, scars from bumps and scars from surgery are sometimes very difficult to remove and leave different colors on the skin. So the skin color looks uneven. Moreover, uneven skin color on the face like the result of a bump, of course, this can reduce self-confidence because these scars are located in open skin areas and are easily visible to others.

There are several natural ingredients that are useful for fading and brightening the skin color due to scars so that the skin color looks bright evenly. Of course, the use of natural ingredients will not be as effective as chemicals to fade scars, but the use of natural ingredients to fade scars will be more safe and without side effects. It takes patience and regular care to overcome these scars, but if you regularly use natural ingredients to fade these scars then your skin will look softer, more even and brighter. So here are some natural ingredients to fade and lighten scars on the skin:

Aloe Vera
Fresh aloe vera gel is a potential source of vitamins that can help heal skin and fade scars. Aloe vera gel is very gentle, aloevera is also a natural moisturizing ingredient for your skin so that the skin will look softer and healthier, besides being able to fade scars. Peel the outer flesh to expose the gel, and gently massage it into your skin. For best results, leave the gel on for at least thirty minutes before washing it off with clean water.

Baking Soda
Baking soda is also one of the natural ingredients that can help heal scars. Baking soda contains sodium bicarbonate crystals that are gentle which helps as a natural scrub that will accelerate the removal of dead skin cells on the skin, thus baking soda helps as a scrub to wash off dead skin cells. Mix a few teaspoons of baking soda with enough water to form a thick paste and massage it into the skin where the scar is. Let the pasta sit for a minute or two. This will allow the soda to clear the pores and help prevent further blemishes. After a few minutes, wash your face with warm water and apply a good natural moisturizer like jojoba, coconut or olive oil.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is well known for its natural moisturizer with healing properties. Apply virgin coconut oil on the area of ​​​​the skin that has scars, regular use will help fade and lighten scars effectively.

Vegetables that contain a lot of water content is very good for hydration, and comfortable for the skin. In addition, cucumbers or also often referred to as cucumbers are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and magnesium – all of which are beautiful for your skin. Cut a cucumber into thin slices and apply it to the scar or gently rub it on the wound area. After about thirty minutes, discard the cucumber slices and rinse the face with cold water. Repeat daily as desired. In addition to slicing with thin slices you can make it into a mask.

Honey is rich in nutrients needed by the body whether used internally (consumed) or for external use (external treatment). Honey also contains a good natural moisturizer to help fade and lighten scars. Massage a little honey and rub it gently on the scar area and leave it on for 30 minutes before washing it off with clean water. You can also mix in about a teaspoon of cinnamon powder per two tablespoons of honey for added pore-washing power. Use this treatment as often and for as long as you like.

Lemon contains natural alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) which can be used to help speed up the fading of scars, speed healing, and revitalize the skin. Simply squeeze one organic lemon into a small bowl. You can use this remedy undiluted or mixed with water if you have sensitive skin. Apply lemon juice to the scar area with a cotton swab and let it dry completely. Then rinse with cold water. Repeat this treatment once every two or three days. Lemon will make the skin more sensitive to UV radiation, so it is best to avoid direct sunlight for a while after using this treatment.

Potatoes are rich in minerals and vitamins that are great for skin health and healing. Use mashed potato dip to help fade scars from bumps or other scars or by cutting thin slices and applying it directly to the affected area.

Homemade sugar scrubs can help fade and lighten scars. Sugarcane contains glycolic acid, another AHA that can help lift and remove dead skin cells and promote cell regeneration. Simply mix raw organic cane sugar with olive oil in a two-to-one ratio and then add a few drops of organic lemon juice. Apply the used sugar scrub about once every two or three days. Leave it on for about fifteen minutes and remember to follow up with a good natural moisturizer!

Vitamin E
Perhaps the easiest way to use vitamin E for scar healing is to cut a gel capsule and squeeze the contents into your fingertips. Apply the exclusive oil to scarred skin or mix it into your daily moisturizer to help scars heal faster.