9 Simple Tips to Make You Happier

happy tips – Everyone has the right to be happy and everyone wants a happier life. However, the happiness of each individual may differ from one another, there are those who feel happy with a small salary which is only enough to eat a family, but there are those who earn billions of rupiah but often do not feel happy. Then what is it? that true happiness?

Happiness can be defined differently by each individual, but in general happiness or joy is a state of mind or feeling that is characterized by sufficiency to intense pleasure, love, satisfaction, enjoyment, or joy. Various philosophical, religious, psychological, and biological approaches have been used to define happiness and choose its source.

Simple Tips To Make You Happier

Then how can we apply happiness or get it? Well this time Tips and how to discuss simple tips on how to increase happiness in life, hopefully our lives feel happier:

Be grateful
Gratitude is the main factor you need to find happiness. We all know that humans are creatures who can never be satisfied, whatever they get is always felt less, when they get what they want, they always want more…and when they don’t get what they want they will be sad and blame yourself, others and even God. To live a happier life, be grateful for everything you get and have. As I discussed in the point above, why are there people who are poor but feel happy even though every day they can only earn enough to feed one family every day, while many of us who earn millions, tens of millions and even billions sometimes never feel satisfied or satisfied. happy? This is because we can never learn from our gratitude.

Appreciate the little things
Still related to gratitude you also need to appreciate every little thing you encounter. Never look for something big or compare your abilities with others like “He has a nice and rich wife”, “he has a lot of money and a car” etc. this will make you never feel happy, to increase gratitude and Appreciate every little thing. Look at happy people around you whose conditions are below you or have limitations, but they are still happy.

Happiness is not always measured by the materials or money you have, just imagine that are you not happy to be able to breathe fresh air every day, are you not happy to have a healthy and strong body, are you not happy to be able to taste delicious food every day? Now behind whether you will feel happy if you have trillions of rupiah but you can’t breathe, don’t have a healthy body or can’t eat something delicious from your mouth. Appreciate every little thing before you imagine something big.

Find satisfaction
Satisfaction can increase your happiness and teach us to be grateful. That doesn’t mean you have to be satisfied with what you get and stop moving forward. Satisfaction can trigger you and reward you for the struggles you make and keep moving on for better things. Try to imagine the satisfaction when you can help many people, the satisfaction when you can make other people happy, the satisfaction when your efforts are successful, the satisfaction when your test scores are good etc. It will make you happy, and when you are down try to remember other successes you have been through it will always increase your pleasure.

Think positively
Always thinking factually will make your life happy, if you always think factually about something, factually face failure, factually step through the day, factual future etc. then what else are you worried about, worrying about something that will happen or will happen (even though it hasn’t happened yet). certainly happen) will make you not feel happy. factual thinking will help you behave well, be honest and wiser.

love yourself
No need to feel inferior to your condition, your appearance or your shortcomings. Your physique doesn’t choose what you can achieve for success, but your intention and will. Everyone can be successful in any field and it is not limited to what color his skin is, whether he is good or not, he is handsome or not, he is rich or not etc. By loving yourself you will find the happiness you seek.

Learn to forgive
Having a forgiving nature and getting rid of grudges can make your life happier. If you can do that then the people around you will feel comfortable around you, and when many people want to always be near you of course you will be happier.

Help others
Try to imagine when you can help or provide problem solving solutions to other people, what do you get? Satisfaction and happiness…. Yes, when you can help other people and make them feel helped and happy then you will also get happiness. Helping doesn’t just focus on materials or big things…helping cross blind people on the street, helping your friends in trouble, helping your parents clean the house, helping others with tutorials and so on. When you see their smile you will find satisfaction and happiness in your heart.

Realize life doesn’t always turn out the way you expect
One of the causes of disappointment is when what we want or expect is not achieved. Realize that all things don’t have to follow what you think, everything we want we don’t get etc. will help you live a happier life, you can plan everything but the end is not in your hands. You can only try your best to get a chance of success but again all decisions, results and destiny are not in your hands, so be aware of that.

Meditation or contemplation and getting closer to God is the best way to find true happiness. Meditation helps you let go of bad thoughts and makes your heart calmer (relaxation effect) so practice meditation, meditating will offer you peace of mind and getting closer to God will make you happy both physically and mentally.