9 Ways to Display the Clock on the Oppo HP Screen

Portalsitaro.com – Clock is one of the tools that is often used to manage time by humans, the presence of this digital tool makes it easier for someone to manage daily activities.

All cellphones, including OPPO, have this feature, which can usually be seen in the upper right corner of the screen alongside the signal and battery power that is still on a cellphone.

However, for some people or parents who have poor vision to see small objects, this seems to be a problem for them.

Therefore, we will explain how to display the clock on the Oppo HP lock screen. So below we will provide an explanation related to this. Please read carefully so you know how.

Displaying the clock on the OPPO HP Home Screen

Before going to the guide process, there are several things that we will convey so that you can make a clock display on the lockscreen, the front screen on the Oppo cellphone.

This trick can only be done for a few Oppo series, namely the A3s, A5s, A37, and A16 series. For other series, maybe you can try. Because, up to the time this article was written, we had only tried the HP Oppo series.

In this trick, you can choose the clock design you want to apply. So, there will be a wide choice of clocks with supporting features such as weather forecasts, temperature elevations, and so on. Please set as you wish.

After knowing all the things that we think are important for us to explain above, immediately here is a guide on displaying the clock on the Oppo front screen easily and quickly. Please follow the tutorial below.

How to Display the Clock on the Oppo HP Screen

Here is a method for making the clock on the Oppo HP front screen visible. Please follow the steps below to display it.

  1. First, open your Oppo Android phone.
  2. Then, on the home screen or HP home page, select an empty area. Select an area where there is no application.
  3. Several options will appear, such as widgets, wallpapers, effects and settings.
  4. Click ‘widged’ to continue.
  5. We will be presented with a variety of clock options, whether it’s just the clock and date, the clock with added weather and temperature, or even just the clock.
  6. Please select one of the options above by ‘press and hold’, then swipe to the empty front screen space earlier.
  7. So by doing this the clock is already installed on the user’s Oppo HP home screen.
  8. Finally, please set the clock size according to your needs.
  9. If you have, click back or return twice to see the results of installing the watch face on the user’s Oppo HP screen. Done

Notes: some Oppo phones require pinching the screen to be able to display this screen clock option. If pressing the blank screen doesn’t work, please use the pinch screen method.

Thus the information that we can convey related to how to display the clock on the screen of all these types of HP Oppo. Hopefully the little info we share is useful for Oppo Indonesia users.

So now you know how to display the clock on the home screen or front of your Oppo HP screen. So, users who are less clear in seeing small objects can maximize this feature to see the clock more clearly. That’s all and I hope the above trick is useful for you.