9 Ways to Merge Photos in PicsArt

Portalsitaro.com – PicArt is one of the Android photo editing applications that is quite popular with editors in the country. In addition to having a relatively small size, this application has quite a lot of supporting features for image editing.

In the PicArt application, users can merge 2 photos into 1.

Well, below we will try to provide an explanation related to how to combine photos into one in PicArt. So users of this application know if they want to do that. Also Read: How to Make a Wattpad Cover on Picsart and its Size

How to Merge Photos in PicsArt

Before combining 2 photos into 1 in PicArt, application users need to prepare an image or photo as a merging material first. If so, please follow the steps below.

  1. Please open the PicsArt application, then select the (+) or ‘Add’ option.
  2. Users will be shown a variety of photos, videos and design attributes that are ready to be used.
  3. Now, to combine photos from the PicArt application, please select the ‘Collage’ menu, then ‘Grid’.
  4. Select the 2 photos you want to merge.
  5. To see the results, please click ‘Continue’.
  6. After successfully merging the PicArt photos, on the sides of the image you will see the outline. Please set the line thickness by clicking the ‘Edge’ option.
  7. You can also set the ‘Ratio’ or ‘Background’ on the photo by clicking on the option with the same text.
  8. If there is nothing else you want to set, please click the arrow arrow icon to the right on the side of the application.
  9. At this stage the editor can fine-tune the result of combining photos. Please adjust the brightness effect, size, or other things. So that makes the photo even more aesthetic. Done.

That’s the method of combining 2 photos into 1 in the PicArt application, now you just have to follow the instructions above to paste photos into other photos so that the results are much more optimal.

How to Adjust the Position and Size of Photos Combined with the PicArt Application

The editor can also manually adjust the position or location and size of the photos to be merged, by doing this the image will look more precise and according to the needs of the user. Here is the tutorial:

  • On the PicArt app homepage, click the ‘+’ icon.
  • Next, click the ‘Collage’ menu, then select ‘Freestyle’.
  • Enter the 2 photos you want to merge.
  • If so, click the right arrow icon.
  • At this stage, the editor only needs to move the photo to the desired position, as well as if you want to adjust the photo size.
  • In essence, you can adjust the position and size of the photo or image according to what you want. Done

By doing this, the process of merging several photos into one in the PicArt application has been successfully carried out. We can also adjust the size, layout, and thickness of the border between images.

Keep in mind, the PicsArt application is only able to accommodate a maximum of 10 photos combined in the Grid or Freestyle Collage feature. So, if you want to combine 10 more photos you need to use another application.

In addition, the ‘Collage’ menu can only be found on the latest version of PicsArt. So, before doing the editing process you need to make sure that the application you want to use is the highest version on the Google Play Store or App Store.

That’s the information we can convey related to how to combine photos on picsart. Please do the method above if you want to combine 2 or more photos into one.

Don’t forget, before saving the file, make sure you have set all aspects correctly. So the picture will seem more interesting to look at share on your social media applications. Thank you and hopefully useful.