9 Ways to Restore a Hacked Higgs Domino Island Account

Portalsitaro.com – Julybe Higgs Domino Island players have experienced problems hacking accounts by irresponsible people. Thus making a loss of coins and game accounts.

We often encounter the problem of getting hacked into a Domino Island account, especially for people who forget to link their cellphone numbers, emails, or provide advanced security options recommended by Higgs Domino Island.

Therefore, in this article we will provide information on how to restore a higgs domino island account that was hacked by someone else. So, your account can be returned and can be played again. Read also: Overcoming Higgs Domino is Under Construction

How to Restore a Hacked Higgs Domino Island Account

To overcome the higgs domino account that was stolen by hackers, or forgot the password for this game account, it’s actually quite easy. With a note that your domino higgs account has been verified by your cellphone number or email.

If not verified how min? Pretend it’s gone. Hehehe. And here’s how to reverse the higgs domino island account that was hacked. Please read slowly so as not to be wrong in the application.

  1. First, please open a higgs domino island game account.
  2. Second, please select an option Login IDthen enter your higgs domino island account id.
  3. Because here we have lost the domino higgs account or got hacked, please click Forget.
  4. Third, please enter phone number which has been verified with a game account, and do a higgs domino password reset.
  5. If you click Get
  6. If there is a follow-up notification, please click OK just.
  7. Please wait for Higgs Domino to call through the connected number. Then, you will be given a verification code again.
  8. Enter the verification code into the field provided.
  9. Finally, please enter New Password on your higgs domino island account. If you have clicked Send.

By doing this you can login to your higgs domino island account again. However, we do not promise that the chips you have worked so hard to collect will still be intact.

To check whether the account can be used or not, please log into the higgs domino account that was lost or hacked. If you can, then congratulations! Your higgs domino island account has been restored.

By the way, this method also works for people who have problems losing their account or forgetting their higgs domino island password. So, please use it according to your current situation and condition.

Questions About Recovering Hacked Higgs Domino Island Account

How to solve can’t login because the account is not verified?

Please directly contact CS higgs domino Island

How to solve a higgs domino account that is still linked on another device, even though you have changed the security password?

Please contact cs higgs domino bg, and explain the chronology of the problem.

Where to find contact cs dominoes bro?

Please contact via the website directly at idomino.topbos.com or e-mail at [email protected]

How to recover domino higgs number has been changed by someone else?

Please do a Higgs Domino account reset. With a note you need to be patient because the higgs domino account reset process takes 1 -2 weeks, then there is a reply from higgs domino.

How to deal with losing an account that has not been registered with a cellphone number, even though there are still many chips?

Please hack back using the forgot password method, bro.

Where is the login id option, huh?

The account login id option is in the “Login” menu along with “Users”.

How to deal with a hacked domino account whose cellphone number has been changed?

It’s a bit difficult, try directly contacting CS Higgs domino.

The account was hacked, I can only log in using Facebook and the password has been changed by the hackers, what’s the solution?

Please try contacting CS Higgs Domino.

How to solve forgotten id and cellphone number are still related? It’s just that the ID and password are forgotten.

Try asking for data information to cs higgs domimo, usually given.

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That’s the information we can convey regarding how to restore the higgs domino island game account that was hacked by someone else. I hope the little article above is useful for you, especially people who are having problems having their accounts taken by this irresponsible person.