9 Ways to Stay Enthusiastic & Motivated

Someone who has a day full of enthusiasm and is motivated by the things they want to achieve that makes them usually more successful than those who don’t have a passion for life. Someone who is always passionate and motivated will also be more active and productive to achieve what they aspire to in life. But in everyday life, a person’s mood is always changing so that it hypnotizes their enthusiasm to do something.

It’s nice when the mood can always come from the smallest things around and you continue to be productive. Many things can grow your spirit and make the dictionary always motivated to do tangible things to achieve what you dream of in life, even simple things you can do to regenerate your spirit when you start to be unmotivated. Here are 9 tips to grow your motivation even if you’re not in the mood or losing inspiration.

Always Stay Enthusiastic & Motivated

Design your vision and mission
One of the biggest reasons we lose motivation is that we lose touch with our vision. Especially the vision of what we want to achieve. Then what is the meaning of the vision and mission? In general, the notion of vision is a goal or future image that we will achieve in a predetermined time (the ideals to be achieved in a certain time). While the definition of mission is what we do to achieve that vision (goal setting or process to achieve these goals).

Determine what you want to achieve, create a reason you can do it as hard as possible, make a list of goals or a list of things you want to achieve in life. When you start to get down or lose your enthusiasm, open the wish list that you want to achieve, this way you will focus on always being excited and motivated to achieve your expectations.

Find the cause of your lack of enthusiasm
When we lose motivation and enthusiasm in life, try to find the causes and reasons for your declining enthusiasm. When you find a reason that causes your morale to drop, look for a solution to solve the problem, not by avoiding the problem. As an example, you start to become disinterested in the struggle you are running because your efforts have so far not been fruitful. Find a solution to why your efforts are not producing results by studying every hypnotizing cause and every time you find the cause of the failure of your struggle to find a solution to solve it.

That way you will continue to be excited and motivated by whatever you do to achieve the success you want.

Create a deadline or deadline
Someone will lose motivation or enthusiasm because they feel they have a lot of time to do something and the impression is that they prefer to procrastinate and finish something when it is tight. Well, one of the things you can do to grow your spirit and hopefully you will always be motivated, make a deadline for whatever you have to do. For example, you have a campus task that must be completed in 1 month, make a deadline for example 2-3 weeks so you will have 1 week if your campus work is not finished.

Making deadlines or deadlines will make someone more productive, because after they finish something that has to be done they will immediately complete the task or other things that await. Give yourself a time limit to get things done. Do as much as possible in a given time period. And see what you can achieve in a “squeezed” state.

Take a break
A person begins to lose enthusiasm and motivation due to lack of rest. When your mood starts to drop, take a moment from your routine. Get up from the computer, do homework, go outside and get some fresh air. Or if your work is too busy and piled up, take 2-3 days off to relax your body and mind. Resting will give you energy and new ideas.

Do the work you love
Successful people in this world have proven to be successful because they love their work. By loving your work or your activities, you will have more enthusiasm and always be motivated by the work you love.

Listen, Watch or Read Something That Inspires You
When you’re feeling down, read motivational books or websites and blogs. It serves to remind you why you do what you do. You can also watch motivational videos from youtube, online sites or anything that can increase your motivation to do positive things.

Do everything competitively
By doing everything as a “competition arena” will keep your spirit burning. Enter the competitive environment to spark your spirits. Gather friends or colleagues who do the same thing as you, compare your achievements in a certain period of time.

Hang out with people who are always passionate and motivated
It’s just like the saying goes “Gathering with a perfume seller and you will smell the fragrance” It’s true, environmental associations will have a big impact on your life. When you can always hang out with people who are always excited and motivated you will also have their visible impact in your life.

Grateful for everything
It could be your family, your friends, your partner, your health, your life… Make a list of things you are grateful for. Save it in the form of a computer file or journal / diary. Realize there are many people who don’t have the things you have now. Whenever you feel demotivated, revisit this list to remind you why life is worth fighting for.