9 Ways to Transfer BCA to BCA Digital and the Costs

Portalsitaro.com – Are you looking for a guide on how to transfer BCA to BCA digital? If yes, you are in the right place. Because in this article we will discuss about it.

This BCA to BCA digital bank transfer activity is indeed quite rare for people to know about. The reason is, many people use the m-bca mobile application for their daily needs.

Therefore, on this occasion we will share the BCA to BCA Digital transfer method. In addition, we will also provide information about the amount of this balance sending fee. So, please read this article to the end to find out the full details.

Type of Bank BCA

In order not to misunderstand, the difference between mobile m-bca and BCA Digital, we will briefly mention in this regard. Please note that Bank Central Asia (BCA) is now divided into 3 types.

At first this bank only had one type with the name ‘Bank BCA’, but as the world of technology developed and the needs of the community grew, then the Asian central bank divided it into 3 types, namely:

  • Bank BCA
  • Bank BCA Syariah
  • Bank BCA Digital

These three types of BCA banks have different account numbers from one another. Therefore, it is not surprising that the transaction process of each type of BCA bank is different from one another. Also Read: How to Top Up Flip Balance via BCA

How to Transfer BCA to BCA Digital

After knowing this type of BCA Bank, now we will tell you the procedure for sending money from BCA (general) banks to BCA Digital. To make it easier for users when they need it.

BCA digital, which is a subsidiary of the BCA bank group, has the name ‘Blu’, as a digital finance brand name. Meanwhile, the name of the account number used is ‘BCA digital’.

For Bank BCA customers who usually use the BCA mobile banking application. Now you can start using BCA Digital Blu which has more features in it. In addition to more features, the released applications are also not that big. So it is quite efficient to use for cellphones with the minimum specifications listed on the Play Store and App Store.

The following is the process of transferring BCA to BCA Digital via the BCA Mobile Banking application or m-BCA:

  1. First, please log in to the BCA mobile application account on your Android or iPhone.
  2. Next, please select M-BCA. Then Enter the access code
  3. Then, follow these steps: Login > m-Transfer > Register between banks.
  4. Please register the ‘BCA Digital’ account number first by Entering the destination account number > BCA digital > then Send.
  5. Enter your m-BCA PIN code.
  6. Please return to the m-transfer menu, then select bank transfer.
  7. Do it as above, which is to select Bank BCA digital > Select the destination account.
  8. At this stage, please enter the nominal balance of the BCA bank account that you want to transfer to BCA digital.
  9. If so, click Send and Enter PIN to end the process of sending BCA bank balance to BCA Digital. Happy!

So that’s the process of transferring regular BCA balances to BCA Digital via the M-BCA application. Please do the steps above correctly so that the process of sending funds is carried out successfully without a hitch.

Please note, when in the BCA Mobile application the user is asked to choose ‘interbank’ instead of ‘between accounts’ because the type of bank is different. Although still following the name of the bank BCA.

In addition, the usual BCA account numbers with digital BCA are also different. So, it is natural that when the transfer process is carried out we choose the interbank option instead of between accounts. That way the transfer process can be carried out properly.

BCA Bank Transfer Fee to BCA Digital

During the transfer process, because the option to choose is interbank transfer, some people wonder what the admin fees are for sending money from BCA to BCA digital.

Because as we know, the BCA bank transfer process to another bank usually incurs an administration fee of Rp. 6,500. The price is quite expensive for the lower middle class people.

Based on the information that bluebybcadigital.id and the experiences of some who have done it. Transfer fees from BCA to BCA digital or vice versa are FREE. So, users can transfer from the blu BCA digital application to a BCA account or vice versa without having to pay a penny.

Admin’s personal opinion, maybe because both of them are still under the auspices of the BCA Group so that this transfer process is not subject to admin fees. So, please use this opportunity for your fund transfer activities.

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This is the information that we can convey regarding the BCA to BCA digital transfer process that we can convey. Not only that, users also now know that no admin fees or transfers will be deferred to the sender’s account. Thank you and hopefully useful.