9 Ways to Withdraw Money at Hago Chicken Farm

Portalsitaro.com – Chicken Farm or zoo is one of the places that you can use to withdraw money in the Hago app. Here, players can get benefits in the form of top-up credit rewards play this game.

Not a few people are curious because they can’t withdraw money at Hago chicken farm. Even though at least withdraw and other terms and conditions he has fulfilled correctly.

Well, below we will provide information on how to withdraw cash at Hago chicken farm (zoo). Therefore, please read this article for complete details.

Hago Chicken Farm

Hago Chicken Farm or zoo is a theme in this application. here, there are various kinds of cute animals that can generate coffers of money for the breeders.

Besides Hago zoo, there are also other themes that can also provide rewards for the players. The theme we mean here is ‘Money Tree’, which is only different in appearance.

Although the money tree and the zoo can both benefit, but for the process withdraw both have their own terms and conditions. Well, here we will explain about this, before withdrawing money at Hago 2022.

Terms and Conditions Withdraw Money at Hago Chicken Farm (Zoo)

Because here the admin is more focused on the Hago Chicken Farm withdrawal method, so we will only provide information regarding the requirements on this theme. And this should be noticed by the people who will withdraw the Hago balance at this zoo.

Because, if the terms and conditions are not met, then the process of withdrawing money in the form of pulses will fail. Here are the conditions:

  • Players have a minimum ‘Balance’ and ‘Withdrawal Quota’ of IDR 15,000
  • Must invite friends
  • The Hago application updates the latest version
  • Number Must be Active
  • Stable and smooth network
  • Have a digital wallet like Dana or GoPay
  • Complete the available missions.

Those are the terms and conditions you need to know before doing withdraw at Hago chicken farm. If the player has met the requirements above, then he can make a credit withdrawal.

How to Withdraw Money at Hago Chicken Farm

After knowing all the things needed to make a withdrawal, now we will provide a guide on cash withdrawals at Hago Chicken Farm. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Hago app account
  2. Next, please click on ‘Chicken farm or zoo’.
  3. After that, please collect the money first.
  4. Then, please enter the ‘Withdraw’ menu.
  5. Click ‘Withdraw’ to start the process of withdrawing money in this Hago app.
  6. In the ‘Edit’ menu, please fill in the digital wallet data or the number to which the money will be sent.
  7. Details of Hago’s withdrawal information will appear, be it balance, number, username, and others.
  8. If linked successfully, please click ‘Withdraw Now’
  9. Finally, confirm the withdrawal of the Hago balance. Done

That’s an easy guide to withdrawing balance at Hago Chicken Farm. Please follow the steps above to cash out the balance you have into money in the form of digital money or credit (subject to change at any time).

Please note, the review process or withdrawal approval will be carried out for a maximum of 30 working days. However, this can be faster depending on the policies made by Hago Touchten.

Therefore, you need to be patient to wait rewards which will come. You can play in other Hago games or use other money-making applications to get other coffers.

That’s the information we can convey about how to withdraw money at the Hago chicken farm or commonly known as the zoo. Hopefully the little info we share is useful for Hago application players that you can download on the PlayStore or App Store, both on Android phones or iPhones. That’s it and good luck.