Aladin Bank Event, Get a Free Balance of IDR 25,000 – Bank Aladin again held a new event for new users of this digital bank. This new event has a prize of 25 thousand for people who open an account at this bank.

The Aladin bank 25ribu event can only be attended by a few participants. Only 8000 people can get bonuses from participating in this event organized by Aladin bank.

Then, how do I join this event, min? Is there a special way to get a bonus balance of 25 thousand from Aladdin’s bank?

To answer these two questions, let’s look at the article that will discuss this. So, please read this article to the end to find out complete information related to the Aladin 2022 bank event.

Aladin Bank Event, Get a Free Balance of 25K

For those of you who want to take part in the Aladin event, the prize is a sado bonus of 25,000. There are several things you need to know regarding the mechanism of this event. Because actually this event is intended for Virgo users who want to open an aladin bank account. The mechanism is as follows:

  1. Virgo users open an Aladin bank account using the Aladin bank application during the promo period.
  2. Virgo users must enter the referral code O4XOSK on the Aladin bank application when opening an account.
  3. Virgo users must use the same mobile number registered with Virgo and Aladdin bank.
  4. After successfully opening an account, the user will receive a Virgo package worth IDR 25,000.
  5. The Virgo package will be distributed H+3 working days after Aladin’s bank account is active.

After you know the mechanism of this Aladdin bank x Virgo event. Furthermore, we will also provide information on how to participate in this event. For more details, please check below.

How to Join Aladdin Bank Event

For those of you who are interested in this Aladin bank new user event, below we will show you how to take part in the event which gives you a free balance of Rp. 25,000.

  • First, please download and install the Virgo application.
  • Then, sign up for a Vigo app account.
  • After successfully creating a Virgo account, on the Virgo application homepage, the banner ‘promo app bonus 25 thousand Aladin bank balance’ will be embedded.
  • Click and read the mechanics and terms and conditions of this event first.
  • If so, please click the option ‘Download Aladdin Bank Here’.
  • New users will be directed to download and create a new Aladdin bank account.
  • Please first read the requirements for opening an Aladin bank account via the Aladin application. If you have already created an account.
  • When creating an account you need to enter your email and Virgo application referral code. Enter the code O4XOSK to claim the bonus balance of 25 thousand.
  • Enter the same number as when you registered the Virgo application (Must!)
  • Follow the instructions for creating a new account to completion until you are officially registered as an Aladin bank customer.
  • By doing this, you have successfully participated in this Aladin bank event. Happy!

That’s the information we can convey regarding the Aladin x Virgo bank event with a bonus balance of 25 thousand. Please follow the steps we provided above to be able to win the bonus balance. so and hopefully useful.