Aladin X Virgo: Free 50K Balance Bonus Event – Recently, there has been a lot of activity in the social media world about Aladin x Virgo who is holding an event with a reward of 50 thousand for free or free.

This event arose because of the release of the latest digital bank, Aladin. One of the new digital banks that focuses on Islamic money management.

Aladin Bank prioritizes the safety and comfort of its customers. This includes improving technology-based services such as digital money transfers, payments, purchases, and others.

To attract the interest of the local community, Aladin bank is holding the Virgo x Aladin event. Where new users who register officially on these two applications will be given a bonus of IDR 50,000 in the form of a Virgo balance.

For more information about this Aladin x Virgo bank event, the terms and conditions for getting it. Please read this article to the end to find out more detailed information. Also Read: Explanation of Virgo Apk Alfamart

Aladin X Virgo, 50K Balance Bonus Event

To be able to get 50 thousand of Virgo’s balance, it’s not that hard to do. We only need to have an official Virgo application account, provided that the account already has a blue tick.

If you already have one, then all you have to do is register with Aladdin’s bank and enter the referral code as a medium to get the 50 thousand bonus balance.

By the way, this program is specifically for users who have never created a Virgo or Aladdin bank account. If you have previously registered, then chances are you will not get it.

Here are the steps to get a bonus virgo balance from the latest Aladdin bank 2022.

How to get a bonus of 50 thousand Virgo balance from Aladin Bank for free

Because this event is for new users, below we will provide information on how to create a Virgo and Aladin account. Please see the details of how below:

How to Create a Virgo Account

  • Open your cellphone, then go to the Google Play Store application. Links:
  • In the search field, please type Virgo. Please download and install
  • Open the Virgo application and register using an active number.
  • Then, enter the OTP code if prompted by the application manager.
  • Create a password and PIN for your Virgo application.
  • In order to get a blue tick, please verify your identity and upload your e-KTP along with a selfie.

If you have done everything, all you have to do is wait until the identity verification is successful. Now look at your profile, then you will get a blue tick with a duration of 1×24 hours (not a blue tent!).

Okay, because this is an Aladdin bank event, so it’s not right if you only register on the Virgo application. here is how to list.

How to Register Aladdin Bank

  • Open your Android phone, then go to the Google Play Store application. Link:
  • In the search field, please type ‘Aladdin’. Please download and install
  • Please open the Aladdin apk. Then click the ‘Open Account’ option.
  • Enter ‘active email’, and don’t forget to enter the referral code 3WE4Y0 to get a free balance of 50 thousand to your virgo account.
  • Check the email to continue creating aladin bank account. If you have clicked ‘confirm’.
  • Then, enter a mobile number that is still active as well.
  • There will be an OTP code sent to the number, please enter it in the column provided.
  • After that, please create a password or password for your aladin bank account. If you have clicked ‘Continue’.
  • Upload your identity, such as e-KTP and face scan. And finally, complete the required data.

Now you just have to wait for the opening of an aladin bank account account to run, then you will get a free virgo balance. Happy!

By the way, try to register at 6 to 11 noon. Because at that hour is his working time.

The balance of 50 thousand will be sent to the virgo account in approximately 2-3 days, no later than 7 working days. So, please wait until the free balance from Aladdin’s bank enters the Virgomu application.

That’s the information we can convey related to Bank Aladdin x Virgo, the 50 thousand Virgo balance bonus event. Now, you know the steps. And we suggest please try. Good luck and good luck.