Alfagift 2022 Referral Code – All Free95 – Alfamart customers may not know that the Alfagift app now has a referral code. Where the Alfagift referral code function can be used to claim bonuses from other users.

Well, below we will provide a brief explanation regarding the Alfagift referral code which is the official application from Alfamart. Therefore, please read this article to the end to find out the full details. Also Read: How to Shop at Alfagift

Alfagift Referral Code

For loyal Alfamart customers, you may already be familiar with Alfagift. Alfagift is an online shopping application owned by Alfamart. This application has been released since 2015.

The presence of Alfagift makes it easier for customers to shop at the nearest Alfamart store without the need to come to one of the minimarkets spread throughout Indonesia. So, making it easier for loyal customers.

Lately, the official Alfamart application is bringing up a new feature, namely invite friends. This feature allows Alfagift apk users to get rewards from the mission to invite the friend.

By inviting friends, family, girlfriends, mistresses, and other people who have not used the Alfagift application. So when they want to register via the Alfagift code that you share, they will get a bonus.

How to Get Alfagift Referral Code

For those of you who want to follow the latest features of this Alfagift application, then you also need to know your referral code first. So that, when someone who is interested in joining downloads the Alfagift application, you will get rewards or a bonus from the referral code used.

  • First, make sure you already have an Alfagift account.
  • Next on the Alfagift homepage, go to the ‘Account’ menu.
  • Well, in the account menu. Please select the option ‘Invite Friends to Use Gifts’.
  • Then, please click ‘Get Referral Code Here’.
  • When we click on the text, the Alfagift referral code will appear. Please copy or record the code to share with your friends who want to be invited to use this application from Alfamart.
  • Another option, you can directly select ‘Invite Friends to Use Alfagift’ to share directly with your social media or social chat applications, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok and even YouTube.

Terms and Conditions Invite Friends to Use Gift

Before you follow the latest features or services from Alfagift. There are several terms and conditions that you need to know to be able to follow or bring up the latest features of the Alfamart application, namely:

  • Make sure the Alfagift app is in the latest version. In order to bring up the service, invite friends to use this gift.
  • Make sure you already have an Alfagift account associated with a cellphone number.
  • Make sure you know your referral code and they use your Alfagift code.
  • Make sure the person you invite is a new user who has never registered with Alfagift.

Those are the terms and conditions that Alfamart customers who use this application need to know if they want to take part in this service.

You can also use the admin referral code, namely FAES0001as a media claim rewards for new users who do not yet have a referral code that needs to be entered when running the application.

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This is the information that we can convey regarding the Alfagift 2022 referral code or Alfamart referral code, along with the terms and conditions. Hopefully the little info we share is useful for loyal Alfamart customers who use the Alfagift application. That’s all and please try.