Alfagift Functions and Features – All-Free95 – Prospective users or users of the Alfagift application may be curious about the features and benefits of using this application. The reason is, there are still many people who are unfamiliar with using this online shopping application from Alfamart.

Nada, below we will provide a little explanation related to this, namely regarding the features and functions of Alfagift. Therefore, please read this article to the end to find out the full details. Also Read: Alfagift Referral Code

Alphagift Fungsi Functions

We already know that Alfagift is Alfamart’s official online shopping application that provides an online and offline shopping experience.

This minimarket, which is connected to more than 15 thousand Alfamarts spread across Indonesia, allows fast and free delivery. With terms and conditions that apply.

The function of Alfagift itself is as a medium for Alfamart customers to be able to make transactions online and offline.

So, customers can order products or goods sold at Alfamart stores, which you can search through this Alfagitft application.

Furthermore, prospective buyers can make a pick up by going to the Minimarket store or through the features cash on delivery (COD) Alfamart.

Alfagift Fitur Features and Services

You can get various features or services from this Alfagift application. Among them are ready-to-order services, store searches, official stores, promos, product catalogs, and others. More details, please check below!

  • Same Day Delivery: Goods delivery service with an estimated time of up to one day for domestic and international destinations (for purchases before 21.00)
  • Free Shipping: Free shipping without conditions every day.
  • Official Store: You can follow famous brand products to make it easier to find your favorite items and get the latest information
  • Alfagift products & special promotions: Buyers can also buy a variety of special products that are not available in Alfamart stores, such as premium milk and baby diapers of certain types/brands.
  • Alfamart Promo Catalog: provided a catalog of ongoing promotions at Alfamart stores.
  • Complete Payment Method: Alfagift provides convenience in payment transactions. customers can use digital wallets (GoPay and ShopeePay), bank transfers (virtual accounts), credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and JCB), Virgo, and cash (COD).
  • Integrated Membership: An integrated system with offline activities (direct purchases at outlets). You only need to mention the member number / cellphone number registered on the Alfagift account orscan member barcode that is in the application when making payments at the cashier.

The advantages of the Alfagift Integrated Membership program are of several kinds, including:

  1. Spending points that can be cashback or exchanged for discounted vouchers/redeem free products. (A-Point)
  2. Direct shopping voucher without point redemption (A-Voucher)
  3. Digital stamps obtained from purchasing products at Alfagift and can be exchanged for attractive gifts/offers at the nearest Alfamart store (Alfastamp).
  4. Loyalty program for members that can be obtained through purchasing products with an amount or nominal within a certain period to be exchanged for prizes directly or raffle coupons in the Alfagift application (Alfastar)
  5. Features that help you to check the points you have and point exchange activities can be done independently in the application (Check & Exchange Point).
  6. The recommendation feature for the nearest Alfamart store according to your location with a maximum radius of 2 km sorted according to the closest radius (Alfamart Search).

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Thus the information that we can convey related to this Alfagift function. I hope the little info we share is useful for you all. Especially for potential users or those who are already using Alfagift. Thank you and hopefully useful.