All Tap Adapters are Currently in Use

Currently OpenVPN is widely applied to a popular VPN service on the internet. That’s because OpenVPN has great stability and also keeps the speed flat without any drastic reductions.

The current users are still using the OpenVPN Client and installing manual configurations. Most users have a premium server that allows them to use every day. But even the OpenVPN Client program can sometimes be problematic, you know.

One of the problems is that it can’t connect even though authentication is working perfectly. And in the end a notification appears “All Tap Adapters are Currently in Use” which means that all TAP adapters are being used by other programs and cannot be used by OpenVPN Client.

Overcoming All Tap Adapters are Currently in Use on OpenVPN

Constraints like this are caused by TAP Adapters being unavailable or still being used by other programs. So the solution is make sure the TAP Adapter is available to use and stop the program process that is using the adapter.

So now please head to Windows Settings > Network & internet > Change Adapter Options. Then right click on TAP Adapter and select an option Disable. Wait a moment until the adapter is disabled, then reactivate it by selecting the option Enable.

If you have done the above method, please try to reconnect to the OpenVPN Client. Surely now it can be used normally without any notification appearing again.

Missing TAP Adapter Solution

If you follow the method above and find that the TAP Adapter is missing or missing, then all you have to do is reinstall these adapters. It’s also easy. Follow the steps below.

  1. Please download the TAP Adapter from the OpenVPN site.

  2. Then double click the file and install as usual.

  3. After that check again on the Adapter in Windows.

  4. If the TAP Adapter appears, please try connecting the OpenVPN Client and see the results.

If the installation process is blocked due to the previously installed TAP Adapter, please uninstall the old TAP Adapter first through the following directory:

C:\Program Files\TAP-Windows\Uninstall.exe

So after you uninstall, please try to reinstall the latest TAP Adapter. And I also suggest torestart computer when finished reinstalling the adapter and then try to connect the OpenVPN Client program again.

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The problem that causes this to happen is from the side of the adapter used by the OpenVPN Client program. Either it has a problem, is being used by another program, or just disappeared. But all of these things can be overcome in the two ways that have been shared above.

Hopefully useful and good luck