Allo Bank Event Until When? This is the answer – Want to join the allo bank event but don’t know how long this event will end? Relax, in this article we will discuss the Allo Bank event and the time limit for this event to end.

Allo bank is an Indonesian company engaged in banking. This digital bank created by Mega Corpora is holding an event with rewards quite a tempting gift.

Where are successful users, new customers will get rewards an amount of Rp. 100,000 if you succeed in recruiting the customer with various terms and conditions set.

Allo Bank Free Balance Event 100,000

For those of you who haven’t participated in this 100 thousand balance free event, we recommend that you participate immediately. Because of gifts The amount offered for new users is also quite large, at IDR 100,000.

To participate in this allo bank event is also quite easy, users only need to download, install, and register the Allo bank application. To bind this 100 thousand balance for free, users only need to verify their photo and ID card (KYC).

After performing the steps above, new users just have to wait for the Allo Bank balance transfer process. Not until 2-3 days the balance will be sent to the destination account. Easy isn’t it? Also Read: How to Register Allo Bank

Allo Bank Event Until When?

For those of you who are curious to know how long this Allo Bank application event will be held. You need to know that the allo bank event with an account opening balance bonus of 100,000 is valid until July 18, 2022.

That means that there are only a few days left for this customer recruitment event to take place. So, please make the most of this opportunity. So, you can get additional balance more than inviting friends to use this Allo Bank application.

This is the information we can convey regarding the validity period of this Allo Bank event. I hope the little information we provide is useful for you. Especially for people who participated in this event. Thank you and hopefully useful.