Answer If We Want To Enter Edmodo We Must Enter – Julybe you have been given questions about the Edmodo platform, for example the question if we want to enter Edmodo what should we enter? or other similar questions.

As we know, Edmodo is a platform that provides easy communication facilities between teachers and students. Where, teachers and students can give assignments, take exams, quizzes, and so on.

Well, below we will provide the answer key to the question if we want to enter edmodo we must enter. Because, this is one of the questions that may be difficult for you to answer. Here is the detailed information.

Answer If We Want To Enter Edmodo We Have To Enter?

In a question related to a platform that helps in terms of education, namely Edmondo, there is a question that may be difficult to answer. Even though there are several answer choices embedded in it, such as name, address, email, username, date of birth, comments, and passwords.

Well, the answer to the question if we want to enter edmodo we have to enter this is Username and Password. Because to be able to login to the platform you need to have a login account to Edmodo, namely a username and password. If not then you can’t enter it.

After knowing the answer below, we will provide a little explanation related to Edmodo. So that you know what Edmodo is and the benefits it contains. Here is the explanation.

What is Edmodo

Edmodo is a social media-based learning platform intended for teachers and students to be able to interact with each other easily. This platform was first developed by Nic Borg and Jeff O’Hara in late 2008.

Edmodo can be considered as a program e-learning which implements a learning system with facilities that are easy, efficient, effective, and at the same time fun to do with the various features in it.

Not only the teaching and learning process between teachers and students is facilitated, everyone who enters Edmodo can also interact and discuss with other teachers who are in other parts of the world (different countries).

Benefits of Edmodo in Learning

For those of you who want to know more about Edmodo, there are several benefits if you use this educational platform, including:

  • As an online vehicle for communication and discussion between teachers and students
  • It is easier for students to interact and be monitored by the teacher.
  • As a medium of communication between teachers, students, and also guardians of students.
  • Can be used to give exams or quizzes.
  • Teachers can provide subject matter such as question files, photos, videos, which can be downloaded easily.
  • Make it easier for parents to monitor their children’s activities through Edmodo.

That’s the thing we can give related to the question if we want to enter edmodo we have to enter this. Hopefully, this answer and a little explanation about Edmodo is useful for you. So, you know more about edmodo and the answers to the questions above.