Answers Three Main Components of Supporting Online Communication – many questions are asked by teachers about online communication. And one of them is a question to name the three main components in supporting online communication.

Currently, online communication is indeed widely used to carry out activities, whether it is for teaching and learning activities, work and other productive activities carried out during this pandemic.

Well, below we will provide the answer keys of the three main components in supporting online communication. So, please read this article to the end to find out the answers and explanations.

Answers Three Main Components of Supporting Online Communication

For those of you who want to know the main components of supporting online communication activities, we will provide answers along with a little explanation for you.

The 3 core or main components in this online communication are hardware (hardware), software (software), mainware (the device of reason or reason).

Well, below we will give a little explanation related to the answer above. Please read to the end to know the answers and explanations related to the main components of this online communication support.

Explanation of the Three Main Supporting Components in Online Communication

You need to know, there are several components that need to be provided before communicating online. These components are divided into 3 parts, including:

Hardware Components (hardware)

Hardware component in online communication is a device whose shape can be seen or touched by humans directly. Examples are tools for carrying out online communication, such as computers, headsets, microphones, and the internet.

Software Components (software)

Software components in online communication are programs that are useful for carrying out a job that you want to do. This component is a bridge between Hardware and Brainware. Examples are the Zoom application, Google Video, or webconferencing.

Brainware Components (sense tools)

Finally, which includes the three main components that support online communication is Brainware. Where, this component is a human or person who conducts online communication itself.

Those are the main things that need to be in place to support online communication activities. Now you know the answer to that question. And please choose correctly.

Thus the information that we can convey regarding the answers to the three main components in supporting online communication are: Hopefully the little information we share is useful for you, and hopefully useful.