Applications Create NFT On Mobile Phones Free Android 2022

Assalamualikum, friends, see you again with Mimin, now for the previous meeting, Mimin has discussed how to upload photos on NFT for free, friend, now for more details, you can check Mimin’s article here, OK.

NFT itself is a digital asset, friend, now this is for friends who understand the crypto world.

Now at NFT itself, collectors look for various photos, digital works.


So, yes, if we want to follow it, maybe we can make something unique, maybe like that, friend.

Well, for those of you who have a hobby in crypto or design, of course it can be a source of income for those who like in the digital world.

One way to do or upload photos of our work, we need several crypto wallets, friend.

And the most popular at this time and the most widely used is the METAMASK wallet.

if you want to create an opensea account, you must first install the metamask application on the play store, friend. Then register and enter your metamask account.

Now, to enter the Opensea account, my friend, just open it in Google Chrome and just type Opensea. And make sure you already have a Metamask account first.

so when you enter the opensea homepage, you can type in the create section and then just select the metamask wallet, friend. Then connect it to the opensea and then it will go directly to the opensea homepage itself.

Now, you just need to enter photos, videos, mp3s and many others, friend.

For free ones, you can choose in the polygon section when you want to register your photos or videos, friend. So that there are no fees when registering.

Then click on the signature and just fill in the price you want, my friend, and here using ethereum, friend.

All you have to do is fill in how much you want, my friend, to fill in the photo or video that you posted. You just have to decide for yourself the price we want, friend.

So who doesn’t know!! Recently, what has gone viral, friend, is about nft. So many people want to sell this nft on the opensea application. Julybe many have heard of GHOZALI who is currently viral about NFT photos that are selling expensively, friend. The collection is being sold on one of the opensea platforms which is currently viral, friend.

Well, this time, Mimin will discuss an application that you can use to create NFT on Android.

Well this time we will discuss the NFT maker application that you can use only by using an Android cellphone, friend.

The following is a list of applications that you can use using an Android phone.

And the application below is only made for editing, friend. Before you upload it to opensea.


this application can also create or edit our own photos, friend, this application can also be used to edit photos that will be entered into the NFT market.


The second application that my friend usually uses is the Goart application, now this application can also be used on Android, friend, just look for it in the Play Store.


The next application that you can get is 8bit. painter. This application can also be found on Playstore and the file is not too big.


One of the applications that you can use to edit your NFT is like Perme, this application can also be used for editing your photos for photos that you will upload to Opensea.

The next application that you can try is the Pixel Studio application, friend.


the next application is the ibis paint X application. Well, my friend can also get it on the play store, friend.

That’s a row of applications that you can edit your photo before you upload it to the Opensea market, friend.

Well, that’s the discussion about the free NFT editing application on Android, hopefully it will be useful and thank you.