Applications for Creating 3D Models on Android

Many people make 3D models through computers because it is helped by the many supporting programs. But did you know that you can actually create 3D models via Android phones.

With an app called 3D Prism, you can start to create 3D works via mobile. Features provided pretty muchalthough not as much on a computer as Blender, but it is enough to create a simple model.

Prisma 3D can be downloaded for free through the Play Store. And related at this time Prism 3D is still in beta versionthe developer of the application will continue to update it, including fixing errors and also adding new features to speed up work.

Simple and Easy to Understand Display

Views on a 3D Prism

The display in the application is very simple and the menu or icon provided is very easy to understand. If you have used a 3D Modeling program before, surely all the menus in this application will be immediately understood.

3D File Import and Export Features available

Import and Export Features

You are given access to import 3D files in various formats. So 3D objects that you download on the internet can be re-edited through Prisma 3D. For now, there are more or less 50 3D file formats supported for import.

While the option to export still supports only one type of format, namely OBJ. Julybe one day the format will be added again by the developer.

Can Also Make Animations

Animating in a 3D Prism

You can set keyframes on object properties to create simple animations. And the rendering process is also only given one choice, namely in MP4 Video format. But you can also set the rendering resolution to speed up the process.

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3D Prism Light In Use

A lightweight application will not prevent you from creating 3D works. Examples such as image editing applications PicSay which I think is super light, and Prisma 3D is also almost as light as that.

The size of this application is approximately 38 MBand can be used starting from the Android version 4.3 (jellybean) and above.

Download Prism 3D

So are you interested in trying this Prisma 3D application? Just download the application through the Play Store, or you can also click the banner below.


Prisma 3D is better suited for users who want to learn about creating 3D models on their phones because of the easy-to-understand options. In addition, there are still many things that need to be improved on the application to make it even better.

Hopefully useful and good luck