Are Flip Apps Safe? This is the explanation – Flip application users, especially new users, may have hesitated to use applications that are under the auspices of PT. FLIPTech Lantern Inspiration Pertiwi which is located at Komp.

The reason is, there are several services that make users quite enthusiastic about using this bank transfer and digital money application. For example, there are free admin fees at the 14 banks that work with Flip with the applicable conditions.

Well, below we will give a little explanation whether the Flip application is safe to use or not. Therefore, please read this article to the end to find out more detailed information.

What is Flip App

Quoted from (PT Fliptech Lentera Inspirasi Pertiwi) is a digital financial service originating in Depok. This application, provides free interbank transfer services until now.

As the founders of Flip, Putra Arriyan, Luqman Sungkar, and Ginanjar Ibnu Solihin in 2015 Flip brought the mission of ‘to provide the best service and maximum comfort at a fair cost’.

In addition, Flip’s vision is no less interesting, namely ‘to become the most customer centric company on earth that allows users to conduct fair financial transactions from anywhere to anyone’.

Currently, Flip is an inter-bank transfer service that can be accessed on cellphones with device You can download this Android or iPhone in the Google Play Store or App Store application store. You can also go directly to the official website, at

Flip App Service

Flip .id so far has served various kinds of transactions for its loyal users. These transactions come from individual users and users from companies that work with Flip, such as Ruangguru, and Kitabisa, and others.

This free bank transfer service has also collaborated with several well-known tires in Indonesia, which consists of 14 banks. including BRI, BNI, BNI, BCA, Mandiri, CIMB Niaga, BTPN, Jenius, Permata, Muamalat, and others.

In addition, the Flip application also obtained an official operational security license from Bank Indonesia (BI). As the central bank of the Republic of Indonesia in accordance with Article 230 of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia and Law No. 23 1999.

Flip Contact

For Flip users who are still unsure about this adm fee-free bank transfer application, you should be able to ask more about this apk. Both through contacts and user experience who have used this Flip apk. In order to know the performance and also safe or not Flip is used.

The following are contacts in the form of Flip phone numbers and emails that you can contact, when you find something you want to ask whether it’s a problem or something you don’t understand about this Flip application:

  • Flip Hotline Number: (021) – 5092 8829
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Business & Cooperation: [email protected]
  • Service Hours: Operates from Saturday to Sunday from 07.00 to 20.00 WIB.

Proof of Flip Application is Safe or Not

There are several ways to check whether the Flip application is fraudulent or safe to use or not. That is by checking the legality of the company, user responses, or already registered in the official Shop App such as the PlayStore or the AppStore.

From the information we got, Flip has obtained an official license from BI as the central bank in Indonesia, with license number 18/196/DKSP/68 in 2022. You can see more detailed information via the following link

In addition, in the user experience sector, we quote from several reviews on the Shop App Play Store. This application has a total download of more than 10 million with a 4.7 star rating which in our opinion is quite satisfactory and is quite secure.

As for the other part, the Flip application is officially registered on the App Store both on the Android and iPhone platforms. So, we can say that Flip’s data security and legality can be accounted for.

Then why isn’t there a permit from the OJK, min?

According to the personal admin opinion, the Financial Authority Agency (OJK) is only tasked with overseeing the financial industry such as banks, insurance, capital markets, and other financial institutions.

Meanwhile, Flip is a financial company that has been directly licensed by Bank Indonesia (BI). So, supervision from the OJK is not really needed.

Answer Is Flip Safe or Not

From the data reviewed and the experience of Flip users through tweets on the Google Pay platform and the App Store, the Flip application is quite safe to use and is not a fraud.

In addition, the legality of Flip is also maintained and trusted by users who have downloaded via various download platforms.

Therefore, we can say that it is the Flip application that has the Flip official website page. ID is safe to use. Please make transactions with different banks or the same with the free admin fee feature with a certain maximum nominal.

This is the information we can convey regarding the question of whether the Flip application is safe to use or not. Now you know the answer to the question you’ve been looking for. So don’t hesitate and just use it.