Are You Grumpy (Emotional), Overcome With These 8 Ways

An angry person is often unable to control his emotions, so when they are hurt or offended they will be very easy to vent their anger either by cursing, berating, physical contact, slamming something and others. Meanwhile, according to the psychological and medical world, anger (anger) is an emotion that physically causes, among other things, an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline.

Anger becomes a feeling that is predominantly behavioral, cognitive, and physiological when a person makes the conscious choice to take action to personally stop outside harm. Outward expressions of anger can be found in facial expressions, body language, psychological responses, and sometimes public actions.

An angry person not only has an impact on unstable emotional conditions but can also cause health problems, especially mental health. Not only that, when someone is angry, whatever they do will usually harm themselves, others and therefore every decision made is not in a clear state of mind. An angry person will usually also be strong on social correlation with other people, do you want to have a friend who likes to be angry, right?

So, for those of you who are angry (unstable emotional levels) need to be handled, so here are some tips for dealing with anger as quoted from Psychology Today:

Before you get angry, feel what other people feel
Before you get angry, you should ask yourself first, how do you feel when you get angry with other people? It’s not even nice when other people scold you for no apparent reason, even when you realize you did something wrong and then get scolded… still being scolded is still uncomfortable. So before you start getting angry and angry, feel that the position of the person you are angry with is in your position.

Before anger peaks, go find a comfortable place
When you are angry and want to overcome the anger then turn your attention to something you like and forget everything that happened. Find a comfortable and peaceful area such as a bedroom, garden, garden, lounge, and so on, maybe a suitable place for you to get rid of your anger.

Look for busyness/hobby to distract
When his innate anger wants to curse, slam something, shout, well, to divert things like that, maybe by looking for a job or doing hobbies, your anger will be a little distracted. Listening to music, playing games, playing other musical instruments, reading books, chatting, watching movies, and so on. Avoid desso actions such as smoking, using drugs, drinking liquor and so on, it will actually make your anger more peak.

Share fairy tales with those closest to you
Anger may arise when what you feel is only kept to yourself, so share stories with those closest to you. Their advice, input or support will make you more relieved, even just listening to your complaints is enough to make you feel more relieved. Telling everything that happens to us may be able to help reduce the burden that is in the heart a little bit. Do not confide in people who are not perfect because it can actually trigger your anger to peak.

Finding Causes And Finding Solutions
When your mind begins to calm, try to find the source of the problem and how to solve it in the best way. To make it easier, use a blank piece of paper and a pen to write a list of the dilemmas you face and what the possible solutions or solutions to these dilemmas are. Choose the best solution in resolving every existing dilemma. Julybe it will all significantly reduce the burden on your mind.

Ignore And Forget
When a feeling of anger surrounds us and we realize that we are filled with anger, then act low-key with your anger. Turn anger into something unimportant. For example, in your heart you say: oh my gosh…. just like this, how can you be angry, it’s not really important…

Think Before Act or speak
Before you get angry with others, try to think about whether you deserve to be angry at a certain level of anger with this dilemma. Sometimes there are people who, because they are seen by others, become angry and immediately reprimanded them by aggressively inviting noise/fights. Small problems should not be exaggerated and big dilemmas should not be underestimated.

Control Emotions And remember the risks
People who are easily angry and enough to make people around them uncomfortable are certainly not very good. The social life of the person will be bad. Pledge within yourself not to get angry easily. Just take it easy and cool about something that doesn’t matter. Your life purpose is the most important. Think of uncontrollable anger as your biggest enemy and if necessary, ask for the support of others to overcome it.