Authoritative & Respected by Subordinates, Here Are The Tips

Tips for being an authoritative boss – Being a boss maybe for most people will think that this position may be an easy position because it has many subordinates who help work. And most people will think that most subordinates or employees will feel disdain for their boss. But you need to know that not all employees or subordinates respect their superiors, they are not shy because they like and respect the authority of their superiors, but they are afraid (afraid) because superiors usually have control or have the authority to take part in dismissing employees or subordinates.

Now this time I will share tips on how to be an authoritative boss who is respected by subordinates with respect and liked by subordinates, not just because they are afraid. Being a boss has a great responsibility to accommodate the dreams and interests of higher-level superiors and is responsible for conveying them to employees or subordinates so that the work process will be better or according to the standards set by the company. Therefore, a superior must accommodate the interests of his superiors and subordinates properly and correctly. If he is lame, for example, only accommodates a higher position, he may be labeled “lick” or unfair by his subordinates.

Here are some tips that will help you become an authoritative boss in front of your subordinates, besides that they will like, respect and appreciate you as their leader:

Provide a good example and reference to your subordinates
It is common for subordinates or employees to copy or imitate the work attitude of their superiors. Leaders or superiors will be a reference for their subordinates or employees, so show that you are a good boss reference and can be an example for your subordinates. You can give references such as arriving on time, working diligently etc. By being a boss who can be a role model for your subordinates, then you will be respected and liked by your employees. read also tips to improve performance & promotion

Being a disciplined boss will show your employees that you are a firm and authoritative boss and can motivate subordinates to imitate your attitude. Time discipline, work discipline, and discipline in any field related to work will make you liked and respected by your employees.

Giving pride and punishment
To become an authoritative and respected boss, your employees do not need to be ashamed of praising your employees who have productive performance by showing bonuses that are in accordance with performance but you also do not hesitate to show perfect execution or sanctions for your employees who are lazy or do not obey the rules. Implementing the perfect reward and punishment will motivate your subordinates. For example, give more assessment (reward) to subordinates who work diligently than subordinates who are lazy to work (punishment). Thus, the diligent and lazy subordinates would know why they received such a big increase in salary. Hopefully, they will be more motivated so they are not lazy to work. read also salary negotiation tips job interview.

Embrace your employees as “colleagues” not as “babu”
As a boss, you have the right to use your authority to manage your employees. However, do not use your authority beyond the limit so as to make you arbitrarily with your authority as a superior. Embrace your subordinates as your co-workers according to their respective roles and responsibilities. You as a leader can direct, nurture, and show good references and your employees are obliged to follow the work procession according to your instructions as their boss. So, by embracing them as “colleagues” not as “bumps” who you can order to make your subordinates respect and appreciate you as a boss.

Always build good communication
To build a good emotional bond with your subordinates, always communicating well with your subordinates will make you authoritative in front of your subordinates. There is nothing wrong with gathering or joking with employees at the perfect time or holding special weekly meetings to accommodate complaints, difficulties or what your employees feel related to work. Don’t just sit in silence in your room or office. If you have free time, for example during coffee breaks or lunch, interact with your subordinates from all positions. When interacting with them, create light dialogue that provokes your subordinates to feel comfortable chatting with you. The topic of conversation can be work related or not.

Be professional
Professionalism is how you look authoritative in front of your subordinates. how do you solve problems, how do you perform, how are your responsibilities and roles as superiors and others related to your professionalism, you will choose your authority in front of your employees or subordinates who incidentally have the character and differences of each individual. Be professional and recognize that you work in a diverse work environment. read also how to deal with a fierce boss.

Continuous improvement, controlling & building hopefully in the future it will be better
As a good boss you will carry out improvements little by little and continuously (continuous improvement). This is generally in the form of continuous efforts to improve products, services, or work processes that will make the future even better.

In achieving goals, you must have good control over how far the progress of achieving your goals. This form of control can be like weekly meetings, bi-weekly meetings, or monthly meetings. Ask your subordinates for evidence according to their responsibilities. In other words, don’t believe what your subordinates say that all is well. If there is a target that is missed, immediately assess and determine the next step so that your goal is achieved.

Solve difficulties and problems faced by your subordinates
You as a boss are required not only to be able to organize and direct the work process as requested by the company, to be an authoritative boss you must be able to do more than that, namely to develop, direct and educate your employees properly. Not all subordinates will do the work as you expect. Sometimes they have technical difficulties who need your guidance as their boss. Therefore, inform your subordinates that you will with open arms guide your subordinates in carrying out tasks and achieving goals or in accordance with the mechanism established by the company.

Obey the rules
As a supervisor, you must be able to provide references to employees to be able to consistently comply with applicable regulations or in accordance with the rules and mechanisms established by your company. Companies generally have systems and values ​​in the form of regulations (as well as employee rights) which are contained in a collective labor agreement between the company and the employee union. As a boss, you are obliged to carry out this rule consistently. The strategic decisions you make must be in line with these regulations. Set aside your policy when it comes to those regulations.

Social spirit, active and take part
Your relationship with your subordinates will be good if you are active and take part in the program of activities organized by your subordinates, do not close yourself off to events organized by your subordinates, for example weddings, children’s weddings, and other events. Your social spirit will make you authoritative in front of your subordinates and make you respected, respected and appreciated as a boss.