Axis Number Can’t Make AIGO Transactions? This is the explanation – Axis provider users may have experienced problems where the number you are using cannot make AIGO transactions. So, the transaction activity that you want to do cannot be continued.

As one of the providers that is quite widely used by the people of Indonesia, Axis always provides the best for its users. However, sometimes this provider also experiences problems such as not being able to make AIGO transactions.

The reasons why you can’t make Axis card transactions are quite varied. Therefore, below, we will provide an explanation regarding why Axis numbers cannot make aigo transactions and their settlement. Here’s the full explanation.

Why Axis Numbers Can’t Make AIGO Transactions

Axis users may think about this question a lot, especially for those of you who use AIGO (AXIS Internet on the Go) vouchers, which are physical vouchers that you can use to top up your internet quota.

By using this voucher, you can top up your internet quota whenever you want and wherever you are, without having to look for a credit counter anymore. So don’t worry about the quota running out on the streets.

Not infrequently we find Axis users who use AIGO vouchers cannot use it. The reason that appears at the time of making the transaction is because of the number used.

You need to know, there are several things that cause AXIS numbers to be unable to make AIGO transactions, including:

  1. Number not registered to 4444
  2. Number is in grace period
  3. The number is new, and has never filled up credit
  4. Your internet connection is not stable
  5. The voucher code entered is missing, incorrect, or something is missing.

So, those are some of the reasons behind why Axis card numbers can’t make AIGO voucher transactions. Therefore, below we will also describe how to solve it.

AXIS Number Solution Cannot Transaction AIGO Voucher

After knowing the cause of the Axis number not being able to make AIGO transactions, now you just have to find out how to solve it. And here we will provide guidance in overcoming the failed Axis number for this AIGO voucher transaction.

  • Make sure the AIGO voucher code you entered is not wrong, lacking, or excess.
  • Please check the voucher that has been purchased to find out if the voc is damaged, the active period has expired, it has been used, via the AXISnet application in the Check AIGO feature.
  • Also make sure your card has been properly registered at 4444
  • Make sure the AXIS number used is not within the grace period.
  • Fill up the AIGO voucher via the dial code *833*voucher digit code#.

This is the information that we can convey regarding the AXIS number not being able to make AIGO transactions. Hopefully the little information we provide is useful for all of you.

If the AIGO transaction problem on your Axis number still persists. Please contact customer service Axis card in order to provide the best solution for the problem that is currently afflicting you. Thank you and hopefully useful.