Best TeamViewer Alternative for Remote PC Access

TeamViewer is known as a remote control application that has many interesting features. Compared to others, TeamViewer is more popular and in demand by many people because of its ease of use.

But do you know if there are other remote control applications, where the features are no less numerous and stable in use. So if you have problems with TeamViewer, then the only fastest option is to use alternative app.

There are at least 3 of the best TeamViewer replacement applications that I have tried so far. Some of them have their own features and advantages. So you can try it out first, and choose which one feels comfortable to continue to use.

3 Best Teamviewer Alternatives

1. Anydesk

This application or program has almost the same way of working as TeamViewer. Where each computer has a kind of ID that serves as the identity of the device. So to connect to another device, the user just needs to take note of the ID.

Currently Anydesk can be used on multiple OS. These include Windows, Linux, and Mac. The installation process from Anydesk is also not complicated. And every time a client is connected, the device will get a notification to approve it.

2. Remote Desktop Connection

RDP Instead of TeamViewer

The second is RDC or its popular name as RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). Where the client will get full access to the server computer. However, for maximum results, devices that will be accessed remotely must install Windows Server OS.

On Linux, you can actually install the XRDP package. But I think it’s less than optimal in terms of appearance and connection. Precisely using RDP on Windows is highly recommended because of its excellent compatibility.

In addition to using a personal computer, you can also rent RDP. Lots of services that provide it. And the price depends on the specifications of the selected virtual computer. The higher the specification, the higher the price.

3. VNC Viewer

TeamViewer Alternative VNC

VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing, has performance like RDP but there are some prominent differences in terms of features. The installation process in my opinion is a little complicated for the first time, but behind that there are advantages.

The advantage of that is very fast access when connected to a server computer. And actually there are a lot of VNC Client programs. But in my opinion the best is VNC Viewer.

Be aware that the program VNC Viewer only functions as a client. Meanwhile, if you want to use the other computer as a server or remote access, then you have to install the program RealVNC.

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Those are the three applications/programs that you can use instead of TeamViewer. All three have strengths and weaknesses separately, for that I suggest trying all of them and then choosing the one that feels best.

If you have other recommendations for computer remote control applications, please share them in the comments to help other users find the best TeamViewer alternative.

Hopefully useful and good luck