Blogging Tips: Use Indonesian or English?

Indonesian vs English – Blogging is a very fun thing or activity because besides being fun it can also make money. To make a lot of money from a bog or website, of course you need a lot of visitors, while the number of visitors depends on how you manage your blog or website well and the implementation of SEO on your blog or website. So this time we will discuss blogging using Indonesian or International Language, namely English, which one is better?

There are many different opinions about this version regarding the use of Indonesian and English on their blogs or websites. And I only share according to my own opinion and experience about this, because I also manage several blogs from blogger and wordpress that speak Indonesian and English for my blog and website. And investigating from my experience, here’s a discussion about the use of Indonesian and English on blogs or the web:

The use of Indonesian-language blogs as we know will produce visitors or users also from people who have the ability to speak Indonesian, even if there are visitors from outside it can also use language translation or maybe stray visitors. Visitors are more likely to come to visit your blog or website if they have the ability or know the Indonesian language or have a similar language that is almost as a reference only Malay language such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei etc.

The keyword level is still possible to carry out SEO efforts because the competition for Indonesian-language keywords is generally looser than for international-language keywords such as English. However, to make money, Indonesian-language blogs are still far behind with Indonesian-language blogs because generally Indonesian advertisers are cheaper, in contrast to outside advertisers who dare to pay high prices for their advertisements or promotions.

The use of English in mutual cooperation blogs is very good for doing business online or making money from blogs or the web is very good because as I mentioned above that advertisers from outside dare to pay dearly for the promotions they do, but the difficulty is getting visitors because the keywords are in English. has very fierce competition because you know hundreds of thousands or even millions of English-language websites or blogs out there.

Use Indonesian or English?
The difference in content language is not only strong in audience reach, but will also leave differences on the other side, two of which are:

Competition Level
If you blog using Indonesian where blog visitors only arrive from several countries as described above, then the level of competition to rank the best in search engine search results is relatively easy. This discourse is due to the relatively loose level of competition. In contrast to blog content in English, which in fact is the world’s language, the level of competition you will face becomes more difficult. Apart from the keyword competition factor, if you only need 3-4 months to optimize an Indonesian-language blog, then it is possible that you will need more than one year for the process of optimally improving an English-language blog.

Blog Monetization
If your goal is blogging to make money online, then there is a very significant difference between Indonesian blogs and English blogs as online money-making media. English blogs are easier to monetize. English blogs have a reach of visitors from various countries so this opens up more space for the blog to be monetized. Besides being easier to monetize, for those of you who play in Pay Per Click (PPC), the price of clicks on English blog ads is also much more expensive than blogs that use Indonesian. Even from my own experience I’ve got clicks for 500 thousand rupiah if exchanged for English language blogs, and for Indonesian language blogs I’ve ever got the highest price per click that I could ever afford 50 thousand rupiah.

Well, judging by my experience above, it can be concluded that the use of English will be very good for monetizing your blog, but you have to be smart in creating good and correct English-language content according to Grammar, choosing keywords, implementing SEO, increasing the number of visitors to make money from the blog. you do not care about any way to make money from your blog or website, the greater the number of visitors the greater the chance you make money.

But you should also stop ignoring Indonesian-language blogs, there are also many successful blogs or websites that get millions, tens of millions and even hundreds of millions every month from Indonesian-language blogs. The most important thing is that you can manage your blog better, avoid plagiarism, copy paste, steal articles so that the quality of the articles is good. Plus you are diligent in updating article content, it is not impossible that you can also successfully make money from Indonesian-language blogs.