BNI Bank Transfer to BSI: Guide, Code, and Fees – Are you looking for how to transfer Bank BNI to BSI? If so, maybe this short article can help you realize this.

As is well known, Islamic banks under the auspices of SOEs are divided into several sections, namely BRI Syariah banks, BNI Syariah, and Mandiri Syariah.

Then, there was a merger of several banks that we have mentioned above. Everything is put together in a new form and a new name, namely Bank Syariah Indonesia or commonly known as BSI.

The emergence of this new bank also underwent various changes. For example a change in the problem of the bank code or also the bank account number used. This creates confusion for users.

Well, maybe users have experienced problems regarding bank transfers from BNI to BSI, namely they don’t know how to do it, transfer fees or codes for this transaction. If so, below we will provide a guide.

How to Transfer BNI Bank to BSI

For users who want to transfer their funds balance from BNI to BSI, they may experience some problems during the transfer process. This is because the transfer process is not the same as sending a BNI balance to a BNI Syariah bank.

Therefore, below we will provide an easy guide in the BNI bank transfer process to this BSI. of course, using the BNI mobile application as the medium. Here’s the full explanation.

  • First, please open a BNI Mobile application account.
  • Then, enter the BNI user ID and mPIN
  • On the app homepage, click on the ‘Transfer’ option. Then select ‘Interbank’.
  • Next, please menu ‘New input’.
  • In the Destination Bank option, please select Bank Syariah Indonesia/BSI.
  • If so, click ‘Continue’.
  • At this stage, please enter the amount of transfer you want to send to the BSI bank.
  • Please enter ‘notes/news’.
  • Details of sending BNI balance to BSI will appear, check and check the details.
  • If you are sure with everything, click the Send option.
  • Enter the BNI Mobile PIN. Then print the proof of transfer. Done

By doing this, you have successfully sent the balance from your BNI bank account to BSI Bank. Make sure that your balance is sufficient to carry out this transfer process. Also Read: Why m Banking BNI Undefined?

BNI to BSI Transfer Transaction Code

In addition to using the application, many BNI bank users also make transfers via BNI Bank ATM machines. If you want to do this, the customer needs to know the BSI bank code first.

As a new Islamic bank, of course BSI has a special code for various kinds of user transactions. So it is not uncommon for us to come across the question of what code to transfer to BSI using? Or another question that is almost the same as this.

For those of you who don’t know the Indonesian Sharia Bank code, here we will provide the answer. The BSI bank code for each transaction that can be used is 451. Please use this code for your transaction purposes.

BNI Bank Transfer Fee to BSI Bank

After knowing how to transfer and BSI bank transaction code. Julybe the user will ask about the administrative fees of the funds transfer process from the two banks.

Please note, every time you make a transaction, whether it’s through a BNI ATM machine or the BNI Mobile application, users will be charged different admin fees. Of course this does not apply to fellow banks. Because usually with fellow banks there are no admin fees that are deferred for each transaction.

Then, how much is the transfer fee that the sender is responsible for in the transfer transaction from BNI mobile to this BSI bank, min? Free or still paying?.

Because in the transfer process we are required to choose an ‘interbank’ transfer. From there, the reader may already know the answer to the question above.

As stated in BNI’s bank policy regarding interbank transfers, users will be charged a fee of IDR 6,500, aka still paying. So even though BSI is a bank resulting from the merger of several Islamic banks in the same Indonesia. The sender is still charged a transfer fee for the transaction.

Please prepare sufficient balance for the purposes of transferring BNI to Bsi along with the necessary admin fees. So that there is no failure in the process of sending balances from one bank to another.

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This is the information that we can convey regarding BNI to BSI bank transfer fees, guidelines for sending balances, and also BSI bank transaction codes. Hopefully a little info that we share useful for readers. That’s all and please practice.