Breathing Training Tips for Relaxation

Too much busyness at work, life problems experienced often make a person depressed or stressed. You need relaxation to make your body and mind more relaxed. And when your body is relaxed, you can do everything well and improve your body’s fitness, while when your mind is more relaxed you can think clearly and calmly, besides it can reduce the risk of stress in your life.

You can also do some simple relaxation techniques to make your body and mind more relaxed such as meditation, tai chi, yoga and breathing exercises. Performing the perfect breathing technique can make your mind and body function even better. Even just doing regular breathing exercises for a few minutes a day can be effective relaxation to make your body and mind relax in an instant. When the body and mind reach a feeling of calm and relaxation it also helps keep a person away from stressful conditions. As quoted by the Time website, a number of experts suggest using breathing techniques to increase awareness and a sense of relaxation.

Breathing Techniques For Relaxation

Dr Alison McConnell, a yoga trainer at Rebecca Pacheco Yoga and Dr Ellen Langer, an expert psychologist say that the perfect breathing technique is not breathing as usual but there are a number of specific techniques to get calm from breathing. Here are some breathing techniques that can make your body and mind more relaxed.

Equal breathing
Equal breathing is a simple breathing technique that can be done by inhaling for a count of four through the nose, which serves to add natural resistance to breathing. “At six to eight counts per breath the goal is to calm the nervous system, improve focus, and reduce stress,” says Pacheco. Routinely and regularly carry out this breathing technique will make you more relaxed.

Abdominal breathing technique
This breathing technique is done using the stomach, which you can do by placing one hand on the chest and one hand on the stomach. Take a deep breath through your nose and make sure your diaphragm expands enough to create stretch in your lungs. “Six to ten counts for 10 minutes each day can lower heart rate and blood pressure,” explains McConnell. Doing this technique for six to eight weeks will make the profits last even longer.

River purification breathing technique (Nadi shodhana)
This breathing technique refers to the breathing technique practiced by ancient Indians for balance of soul and mind. This breathing technique can help you calm your mind. This breathing technique can be done with alternate nose breathing, this technique brings calm and balance to unite the right and left sides of the human brain. Take a comfortable meditation position to get this breathing technique. The culmination of the inhalation of this technique closes the left nostril with the ring finger, then exhale through the right nostril, do it repeatedly and alternately.

Kapalabhati or skull shining breath
This technique begins with slow, long inhalations to produce a powerful breath from the lower abdomen. Pacheco said this breathing technique can warm the body, release negative energy, and improve brain energy.

Progressive relaxation
Relaxation through this breathing technique helps relax tense muscles while making blood circulation run smoothly so you will be more relaxed. Tension from head to toe can be relieved through this breathing technique. Dr. Patricia Farrell, from the field of anxiety and panic suggests to inhale through the nose and hold for a count of five, the reaction that will occur tense muscles will subside.

Guided visualization (Guided visualization)
Taking deep breaths accompanied by focusing on concrete thoughts to replace negative thoughts, applies to this one technique. Dr Ellen Langer explains that while this is the perfect way to achieve one’s peace of mind. “Guided visualization helps put you into a personal dream, rather than letting your mind be in a state of stress,” explains Ellen.

So, those are some simple breathing techniques that you can try at home that are efficacious to help your body and mind become more relaxed.