BTS Member Instagram Account Collection – Hello Army, do you know the real BTS member’s Instagram account? If not, you are on the right site. Because in this article we will share related to this.

For K-Popers, you must be familiar with this boyband from the country of ginseng. The group named Bangtan Boys or better known as BTS This is one of the few groups that are loved by fans in the country.

Boyband was formed by Big Hit Entertainment and consists of 7 personnel. Of course, several supporting factors such as good looks, sweet voice, singing, dancing, and so on make people like him.

Not only seen as mere idols, the group consisting of Jin, Suga, J-Hop, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook is also famous as an inspiration and inspiration. influencer quite influential. So, many people like them all.

BTS’s own music group in the selection of music genres, adopting K-Pop, EDM, R&B and Hip Hop music. With that genre, they managed to get a lot of awards both locally and internationally.

Original BTS Member Instagram Account

Talking about BTS, surely many are curious about their social media accounts. The reason is, they (the fans who like him) also want to know more about their idol artist.

Moreover, the use of social media for artists can now be used for various benefits. Like endorsement, schedule information, album releases, concerts and more. It depends on the person who uses it.

So, do the BTS members have real Instagram social media accounts or not? If they have one, what is the name of the real BTS member’s public account or personal account?

To answer all these questions, our SerbaGratis95 team will provide complete information for you. The following is information about the social media accounts of these Indonesian ARMY idols.

BTS member’s official personal account

From the information we got. The BTS members, namely RM, Jimin, V, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, and Jungkok, do not yet have personal social media accounts. Moreover, IG accounts are often sought after by true fans.

Until this article was published, the author did not find the real accounts of the seven BTS members. Julybe, they create an Instagram account, they will set it in a state of privacy and only choose to be friends with a handful of people. Because they want their privacy to be maintained.

Then, the account that often appears and is under the BTS Official, does it not belong to the BTS members?

As we know there are several Instagram accounts named after BTS members and organized by BigHit Entertainment, namely @bts.bighitofficial. An Instagram account called BTS Official.

In this BTS Official account, there are no personal activities carried out by active BTS members. Most of them publish gig schedules, album promotions, and also post photos of the members who are cool and stunning.

Why Don’t BTS Members Have Instagram Accounts?

Julybe the question above can represent the outpouring of the hearts of ARMYs who are eager to know the social media accounts of their idol artists. The reason why BTS members don’t have Instagram accounts is also not clearly explained by BigHit Entertainment.

The author’s speculation is that by not creating IG social media accounts, BTS members can focus more on pursuing their careers. And applications that are a place for Korean K-Popers such as Weverse and V-live are more marketable.

Even if they made a social media account, he would definitely keep it a secret. At least use a pseudonym account so you can interact with friends, other members, or family who use IG as well.

BTS Personnel Fanstagram Account

In order to realize the unrealized dream of becoming followers of the original BTS members, some fans have improvised making Instagram accounts of each BTS member. Incredibly, there are thousands of followers, up to millions.

For those of you who want to know and follow the fanstagram account, we will provide the ID for you. Hopefully it can provide some relief for fans who can’t follow this BTS member’s Real account. Here’s the list!

  1. Jin @jin.bts
  2. Suga @bts.suga
  3. J-Hope @bts_jhope
  4. Rap Monster @btsnamjoon
  5. Jimin @btsjimin
  6. V @btstae
  7. Jungkook @bts.jungkook

That’s a row of BTS member Fanstagram accounts managed by the fans they created. If you pay attention, there are quite a lot of fans who want to follow the activities carried out by the idol. He even has a lot of followers.

This number can go up and down over time. It depends on whether the fans want to follow him or not. In addition, the many followers that the accounts above have are quite a lot, perhaps because the creators made this account as similar as possible to the BTS members. So they thought the account belonged to a BTS member.

That’s the information we can convey related to the Instagram accounts of the BTS groups. As we explained above, BTS members only have an ig account that is shared, namely @bts.bighitofficial which is managed by BigHit Entertainment.

As for if there are Instagram accounts claiming to be real BTS members, they are fanstagram accounts created by fans as we have listed above.

If any BTS member is caught having an Instagram account, maybe there will be a sign check\checklist on the ig account. So that followers can distinguish this is the account real and this is not. Thank you and hopefully useful