Call Packages for All Indosat Operators 2022

Assalamualikum, friends, see you again with Mimin, now on this occasion Mimin will discuss about Calling Packages for all the latest Indosat operators.

The internet can be said to be a basic need, because for now the internet is the most widely used, especially those who work using the internet network. Many dial codes actually if our Telkomsel card is powerful, which is where we can get cheap packages from Telkomsel

So, for those of you who have a magic card, you can check the dial code *363*20# then there you will get a share of cheap 4G packages

Even yesterday, there was also a cheap monthly package, around 75 thousand can get 30GB per 30 days, friend. But sometimes every card has a different promo, not all menu cards are the same in this dial code, friend.

So for those of you who want to use the dial code, please check *363*20#

Then my friend can also get a night package, for those who like to stay up late can buy a Telkomsel night package.

Which for the dial code is *363*11#, just click call from your cellphone then just choose the package according to your liking, OK. As for the usage limit, it’s around 12 pm to 7 am, friend, suitable for friends who often stay up late, you can buy a package tonight, friend.

Cheap package dial codes are indeed the most sought after, especially

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Cheap Indosat package dial codes are often sought after, in addition to cheap Indosat package dial codes, cheap call packages are also widely sought after

In addition to internet packages, call packages are also usually needed to communicate with each other.

Who doesn’t want a cheap Indosat call package, of course everyone wants a cheap Indosat package, especially by calling other operators.

Now, this time, Mimin will discuss how to get a cheap all-operator call package for Indosat.

The call package consists of 2 parts, namely the call package to fellow Indosat and the call package to other operators.

As for calling fellow Indosat packages, usually you can type *123#* from your cellphone and select a very cheap call menu, usually in section number 7.

But this time what we will discuss is how to call all operators cheaply for Indosat users.

Actually, there is a dial code that we can try to get a cheap call package for all operators, friend.

The dial code that you can try if you want to get a call package for all operators is *123*999#, then you call.

Then a menu will appear as above, so to try to call all operators, please adjust it for friends, all you have to do is choose which menu is suitable.

Even the dial code also has a call package for another country. If you want to call to another country, you can use the menus listed above, friend.

Thus the discussion on how to get the latest all operator calling packages, hopefully it will be useful and thank you.

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