Can Paying Shopee Food Use Shopee Paylater? This is the explanation – The presence of Shopee Food services in the Shopee application makes it easy for people who are busy working or other activities to be able to get food quickly.

The Shopee Food service, the Shopee application, is quite helpful for consumers, where the function itself is not much different from GrabFood, GoFood and other food ordering services.

There are various kinds of payments when using this food ordering service, but many consumers question whether Shopee Food can use Shopee Paylater or not?

Well, below we will provide an explanation related to this, namely knowing how to pay for Shopee Food using Shopee Paylater or not. So, please read this article to the end to find out the full details.

Shopee Food Payment Method

Before we know whether the Shopee Food service can use Shopee PayLater or not, users of this service also need to know some of the payment method options in it.

Please note, in the terms and conditions of Shopee Food. This food delivery service only provides two payment options, namely ShopeePay and cash on delivery (COD) only.

Until this article was written, we have not found any other payment methods other than using ShopeePay or cash at Shopee Food. So, those are the only two options that you can use to be able to pay at one of the best services in this Shopee application.

Can Shopee Food Use Shopee Paylater?

From the statement above, it can be concluded that the payment method for Shopee Food using Shopee PayLater, we think, cannot be done. Because this feature only provides ShopeePay and cash payment methods.

But over time, maybe Shopee will provide this option if many consumers want it. So, there are more payment options and it makes it easier for users.

In addition to increasing services in the Shopee application, of course, it makes the public’s trust in this marketplace application even higher. So it is possible that this can be realized.

How to Pay for Shopee Food Using Shopee PayLater

Consumers who want to use Shopee Paylater as a payment method at Shopee Food are actually not impossible to do now. Although Shopee has not yet provided this service.

There is a trick that you can use to pay for Shopee Food using the Shopee Paylater. So, how do I do it? please see the details how below!.

To be able to pay for Shopee Food using Shopee Paylater, consumers need to withdraw your Shopee Paylater limit first. Then he can use media bank or even e-wallet funds to do so.

Now, when it has been disbursed and the money is in hand, you can order a Shopee Food delivery service using the COD payment method or cash. So by doing this it is as if you are paying for Shopee Food using Paylater.

Yes, this is a trick that consumers can try. Even though it’s a little pushy because you need to disburse the Paylater limit first, basically we can pay for the food ordered through the Shopee application’s money loan feature, right?

This is the information that we can convey regarding the question of whether Shopee Food can use Shopee PayLater or not. Now you know the answers to questions that are often asked by consumers of this Shopee application.

Indeed, basically the Shopee Food feature only provides 2 payment options, namely using digital money in the form of ShopeePay or using the COD system using cash.
However, you can use the trick we provided above if your ShopeePay balance or money doesn’t exist. Thank you and hopefully useful.