Can Shopee Accounts Be Hacked? This is the answer – Shopee application users must have warned whether a Shopee account can be hacked or not. The reason is, there are many incidents or stories that report the breach of a user’s Shopee account.

This shopee hack incident is indeed a dilemma for users of this leading online shopping application in Indonesia. Because, as a user, of course, he wants the account he registered to be safe and secure.

So, is it true that shopee accounts can be hacked or not? Are there any characteristics of a Shopee account that has been compromised by an irresponsible party? To find out the answers to some of the questions we asked above. Please read this article to the end to find out. Also Read: Why Shopee Account Signs Out Alone? This is the explanation

Can Shopee Accounts Be Hacked?

Shopee questions can be hacked or hacked, this doesn’t feel right to ask. The reason is that all applications have their own system of weaknesses that allow them to take other people’s accounts in various ways.

There are several media that are often associated with this shopee account hack method. Whether it’s a cellphone number, email address, and all things related to the user’s shopee application account.

To secure the user’s Shopee account, actually the application has provided various security alternatives so that the user’s account remains safe while it is still in use.

The security features presented include various things, including login passwords, paylater account login codes, and even 2-factor authentication or double locking that you can set in the ‘ShopeePay Menu’.

Shopee Account Features Hack

To see if someone’s shopee account has been compromised or not, we can actually identify it easily. Because, there are several characteristics to see if the account is hacked or not. Among others are:

  • Can’t login to Shopee account
  • There is a suspicious activity notification.
  • ShopeePay balance suddenly disappeared.

Well, if you have found some of the things above in your Shopeemu account. So immediately check your email, change your password, or contact Shopee to confirm any discrepancies in the Shopee account being used.

So, before the shopee account is actually taken over by someone else, the user can anticipate it by doing some of the things we listed above. So that breaking into a shopee account is avoided.

Tips for Securing Shopee Accounts

For those of you who want to make your Shopee account more secure, and minimize the occurrence of account hacks that you really want to manage. Then you can perform 2-factor authentication to further secure it.

To activate the double lock feature in the Shopee application, it’s actually not that hard to do. You just need to follow these steps to make it happen. The method:

  • Open the Shopee application on your Android phone.
  • Next, please enter the ‘Me’ menu.
  • Scroll down until you find ‘ShopeePay’.
  • Click the ‘gear icon’ to enter the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • In this menu, please slide the ‘Fingerprint Authentication’ option.
  • Then enter your ShopeePay PIN.
  • Place your finger on the fingerprint sensor.
  • If so, then 2-factor authentication uses the features fingerprint (fingerprint) Shopee has been successfully activated. Happy!

That way, you have succeeded in strengthening the security of the Shopee application account. So, we don’t have to worry when someone wants to log into a user’s Shopee account. Because they need to go through 2 security chains to get into it.

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Well, maybe that’s the information we can convey regarding the issue of whether shopee accounts can be hacked or not. Hopefully the little info we share is useful for people who need it.

Basically, the crime of hacking an account can hit all Shopee application users. However, we can anticipate it by knowing the characteristics of an account discrepancy or by strengthening its security system. Thank you and hopefully useful.