Can Shopeepay Balance Be Cashed? This is the answer – New users of the Shopee application, may have wondered whether shopeepay balances can be cashed out or not. This is because many people have doubts about this issue.

Please note, the ShopeePay feature can be used for a variety of activities, from top up, online and offline transaction payments, balance transfers, and purchases. mercend on the Shopee app.

In addition, users can also withdraw funds from ShopeePay after the user has verified their identity. Where, that’s what makes some people doubt whether this disbursement can or not.

Well, below we will provide information about this, namely, can the Shopee balance be withdrawn or not. Therefore, please read this article to the end to find out the details.

Can Shopeepay Balance Be Cashed?

You need to know ShopeePay is a digital wallet service offered by e-commerce Shopee. This digital wallet has many features as we mentioned above, not to mention when you turn it into money.

Shopee users who want to withdraw their ShopeePay balance can do so in various ways. It can be passed through Alfamart, Indomaret, to accounts such as BRI, BCA, and even other digital money such as Dana and OVO.

Well, below we will provide step by step how to cash out ShopeePay balance into money. Of course, through the media we mentioned above.

For users who have a lot of ShopeePay balances and want to convert them into money. Please read the guide that we share below carefully to understand how to do it.

How to Take Money at Shopee From ShopeePay Balance

Here are the steps to withdraw ShopeePay balance so that it becomes cash. So, how do I do it? Let’s see the summary that we have written below.

  • Please login to the Shopee application account.
  • Then then, click on the ‘Me’ Menu option.
  • Next, click ‘ShopeePay’.
  • Verify the account by clicking the ‘Settings’ option. Next, please select the column ‘Verify KTP or KITAS’. If you have already done this step, please just skip it.
  • After a new page appears on the screen, please click ‘ShopeePay’ and then select ‘Withdraw’.
  • At this stage you will be given a choice of payment methods. Please select one of the methods provided. (Banks, Indomaret, Alfamart, Digital money etc.)
  • If so, click the ‘Confirm’ option. Don’t forget to enter your ShopeePay account PIN number.
  • Important information will appear related to the shopeePay fund disbursement process.
  • At this stage you just take the money according to the options above. If you choose Bank BRI, please visit BRI ATMs and if you choose Indomaret, please visit Indomaret outlets to withdraw money.
  • The process of disbursing ShopeePay balance into cash has been successfully carried out. Happy!

This is the information we can convey regarding the question of whether this shopeepay balance can be cashed. Hopefully some of the information we share is useful for you.

ShopeePay has a variety of services, both for purchasing goods, offline online payments, money transfers, and also balance withdrawals. Users can take advantage of this service to make your online transactions easier. Thank you and hopefully useful.