Can the Money in M ​​Tix be withdrawn? This is the answer – For new users of the M Tikx application, there may still be confusion regarding this question, namely whether M Tix can be withdrawn or not.

Because, the balance feature in this application makes users wonder whether M Tix balances can be converted into money or just as a digital medium of money.

The M Tix application can actually be used for several things, be it buying tickets online and the various conveniences offered to its loyal users. Where, M Tix is ​​one of the most multi-functional apk I’ve ever seen.

Well, below we will provide answers related to whether money in m tix can be withdrawn or not. So, please read to the end to find out the detailed explanation.

Can the Money in M ​​Tix be withdrawn?

The answer to whether the money in the M Tix application can be withdrawn is ‘Yes’. Users can disburse funds through the transfer system in this online cinema ticket purchase application.

Then, how do I withdraw the money, min? is it necessary to use other media such as Flip or a fund application to accommodate the money balance from M Tix?

If you are confused about this. please refer to the transfer process that we have listed below so that Mtix users can know the steps that need to be taken.

How to Transfer M Tix Balance To Account

Here is a complete guide in the process of sending money to a bank account from the Mtik application. So that the balance seems to be disbursed for shopping. The steps:

  • Set up a Funds application account. If you don’t have it, download it from the Play Store or App Store.
  • Then, connect the Dana app with M Tix
  • Next, please withdraw the money balance from Mtix to the Fund account.

After the money is sent to the Dana application, all we have to do is send it to the user’s bank account. Both BRI, BNI, BCA, Mandiri, and others. The method:

  • Open the Dana app account
  • Then, please select the ‘Send’ menu option.
  • Enter the amount of the balance you want to transfer to your bank account.
  • Select the target bank. After that, confirm.
  • Enter the Dana PIN, and the balance of the funds has been successfully sent to the destination bank account.

That way, the fundraising process from m Tix has been successfully carried out. The last step, you just take it through the nearest ATM machine. Easy isn’t it?

That’s the process of making money on the m tix application. Indeed, to withdraw funds from Tix, users need to use the Dana Advance application. The reason is, this application can be made transactions if indeed someone has a Fund account.

Actually, we can immediately withdraw the money that has been sent to the Fund account. because this digital money wallet can now be used for online shopping and payments via qris.

So, please use the easiest alternative to withdraw this m tix fund. Because the point of this article is to answer the question of whether money in M ​​Tix can be withdrawn or not. Not on the transfer problem. Thank you and hopefully useful.