Causes of Youtube 2022 Monetization Failed

Assalamualikum friends online, see you again with us, this time we will discuss the causes of youtube monetization failure, failure to monetize makes some people discouraged from youtube,

Even though I’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and thought to start a YouTube content, I also feel it, friend, in November my channel has met the requirements, namely 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours on YouTube, I have fulfilled it but monetization still fails, bro.

Here mimin will share experiences about the failure of mimin’s youtube channel monetization, hopefully this article can add to your insight when you want to create content, especially the youtube channel,

At the beginning, Mimin started YouTube around 5 months in my stu, I only focused on one content, it’s true, focusing on just one content didn’t take long, about 3 months Mimin’s channel reached 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time,

Of course, Mimin needs time and energy to upload videos every day, and there Mimin is already excited, I want to apply for monetization in November 2022, but the results of Mimin’s channel are rejected by YouTube,

One of the reasons for the refusal of Mimin’s channel was because there was one of the Tiktok videos that Mimin uploaded, because at that time Mimin forgot to check before registering for monetization.

And the result is Zoonk, mimin’s channel is not approved, you need to pay attention too, creating content on youtube must be real, original videos made by ourselves and not reuploaded.

If you use your own video, edit it yourself, and use your own words, you will definitely accept YouTube,

Now the point is here, my friend can learn from the mimin channel, try when you jump into a youtube creator, it is mandatory not to reload other people’s videos,

As a result, I’m tired of spending my mind and energy but in vain just because of one tiktok video,

And now Mimin is repairing Mimin’s channel, hopefully next month it can be accepted again for monetization,

For friends, don’t ever reload, if you want the video to be monetized quickly by YouTube,

Actually, how to add subscribers and watch time is easy, my friend,

On YouTube itself, we are advised to promote it on Google Ads, where we simply transfer it to Google Ads, so our videos will have many publishers, but we must have a lot of funds, of course.

That’s why some YouTube has a lot of views because they promote it through the Google ads.

Mimin has also transferred 100 thousand to google ads, then mimin checked this on mimin’s google ads and thank God it entered 100 thousand, then mimin promoted this, every day mimin promotes about 20 thousand in one day, so the 100 thousand can run out in 5 days ,

And thank God the results are also satisfying, on the mimin channel the views have almost reached 1000 viewers with only 100 thousand, friend,

Okay, that’s the discussion on why monetization was rejected, I hope what I say can be a lesson for all of us, if you want to monetize quickly and be accepted as a YouTube partner program, make sure to use original videos, our own real editing,

Hope it’s useful, wassalam