Check J&T Economy Shopee Receipt: Here’s How – Buyers on Shopee, can check the purchased items easily. To find out, buyers can use the receipt number on the package or delivery service used, for example at J&T Economy Shopee.

J&T economy is a freight forwarding service that provides many services to its users. In addition to having rates that can be considered quite cheap compared to other cargo shipping services, this expedition service is also widely used by Indonesian marketplaces.

Well, talking about this expedition, below we will provide an explanation of how to check the j&t economy receipt at Shopee. So, it will be easier for you to monitor your package. Here is the information.

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How to Check J&T Economy Receipts on Shopee

Actually, checking the Shopee economic receipt number that you want to monitor is not so difficult to do. To make it easier, we will provide the steps:

  • Please ask for the package receipt number from the Shopee Seller or you can check your item purchase details. Example No. Receipt: JP0522223011
  • Then paste the receipt number on the Shopee package tracking box. Then ‘Check Receipt’.
  • Don’t forget to choose the ‘J&T Economy’ expedition. Not J&T Express huh!
  • The results of entering the J&T Economy Shopee receipt number will appear along with complete item details. Not to forget the existence or the last position of the buyer’s package.

Buyers can also check the packages that you have purchased at Shopee by visiting the official J&T website. All you have to do is enter the receipt number of the ordered goods, the route for the whereabouts of the goods will appear.

Difference between J&T Express and J&T Economy

In addition, the package is well known to the domestic community. Now J&T is also issuing shipping expedition services in large quantities outside Java, which is called J&T Economy.

For those of you who want to know the difference between J&T Economy and J&T Express. You can read the short article below.

Postage Rates (Post)

J&T Express shipping costs start from IDR 10,000/kg. Meanwhile, J&T Economy starts from IDR 14,000/kg.

Location Range

J&T Express supports coverage to all regions in Indonesia. J&T Economy is the same. Only, to go to big cities located outside the island of Java. Compared to other shipping services, the price is cheaper.

Goods Delivery Time

J&T Express has a delivery service of approximately 2-3 days. As for the J&T economy, it has a time span of 5-14 days.

Goods Delivery Location

J&T Express can be used by all Shopee sellers throughout Indonesia. Meanwhile, J&T economy only operates for sellers who sell in big cities only. For example: Semarang, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Bogor, Tangerang, and others.

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That’s the difference between J&T Express and the economy that we can convey. Actually, the two services under J&T are not much different from each other, but there are several aspects that make the two very distinct, such as the duration of delivery and the price that needs to be paid.

So, that’s the information we can convey regarding how to check shopee economic J&T receipts. Please learn and follow the steps above if you want to know how to check the shopee receipt number. Thank you and hopefully useful.