Chrome Web Store: Google Products Online Marketplace – Do you often use Google Chrome on your Laptop or PC? If so, users can complete it with various facilities offered by the Chrome Web Store.

Google again provides the latest facilities on its web browser, namely Google Chrome. Not only used as a search engine, now through this Chrome browser, you can use applications, add browser extensions or themes to it.

Through its latest breakthrough, the Chrome Web Store, Google tries to provide the best service for Google Chrome device users. Use, facilitate in various ways.

What is Chrome Web Store

Chrome Web Store is an online marketplace for Google products provided for loyal users of the Chrome application. Users can already find the latest Google Chrome Web Store services when opening the browser.

In this Chrome Store web, users can find various things, including applications, extensions, to a variety of unique themes for Google Chrome. Not much different from mobile marketYou can also use some of the services above for free or paid.

Chrome Web Store users can try to access the service for free, before finally having to pay if they are interested in using the feature in full. Of course, with an intermediary Google Payments account.

Google Chrome Web Store Items

Here are some applications, extensions, and themes, which you might be able to use to complement the use of the google web store that you are using.

1. Application

Social media

If you want to open social media applications such as Facebook or Twitter, the web chrome store has provided it for you. You just need to install ‘tweetdeck’ so you can connect with your FB or Twitter account.

In addition, you can log in multiple accounts on one page through this tweetdeck application. So, users don’t need to bother opening multiple windows on their Laptops, PCs, Netbooks, if they want to open their social media accounts.


In addition to opening social media applications via the chrome web store for Android, users can also play games like Angry Bird easily. You just need to install it using this Chrome web store to be able to play it right away.


For you students or students who often make PPT for presentations. Now you can make it easier with the help of Slide Rocket. This feature is not only used for making presentation media, but is also equipped with a sharing feature in the form of a link or embed into a blog.

You just use the chrome web store apk service and also the vpn that has been provided by Google through this feature.

2. Extension

Open Google Mail Offline

Through this chrome web store extension, users can open or access Gmail without the need to connect to the internet. Of course, this Google Mail feature can only be made to open it.

However, users can also read or download files that are already in your Gmail.

Block Ads Through Adblock

By using this extension for chrome web store, you can block all kinds of bar ads that interfere with your activities easily.

Using Troll Emoticons

When users are playing social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter, add troll emoticons to make the activity more lively.

Only by installing the chrome store web extension you can display trolls on facebook wall emoticons, twitter statuses, to comments on the YouTube channel by entering certain commands.

3. Chrome Web Store Theme

With this web chrome store, users can also change the theme that’s all. Please install various themes provided by the Chrome Web Store for free or paid.

How to Enter Chrome Web Store

To be able to enjoy the facilities provided by the Google Chrome web store, users can follow these directions:

  • First please login to your Google account
  • Then, go to the Chrome Web Store.
  • At this stage you just have to choose the application, extension, or theme that you want to add to the Google Chrome browser. To do this, click ‘Add to Chrome.
  • Done

That’s the information we can convey related to the chrome web store. Hopefully the little information we share is useful for all of you. Especially for those of you who want to try this latest Google service.