Coinomi Review: A Practical Crypto Wallet

There are tons of crypto wallets available for free today, and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. With the help of this wallet, you can store all your coins or tokens in one place, aka you don’t need to create multiple wallets per coin.

Coinomi is one of the multi crypto wallet which offers users the easiest access to store coins in one place. Coinomi supports various types of altcoins, so you can immediately create a wallet address according to the coin you choose.

This article will review several things about Coinomi. And in the end you can decide whether you want to change or create a crypto wallet on Coinomi or vice versa. This review is based on my experience so far using it.

Coinomi Supports Multiple Coins

Popular coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are also available on Coinomi. There are more than 20 coins and multiple tokens that can be created in one Coinomi wallet. And who knows it will continue to grow over time.

Coinomi Supports Multiple Coins

All supported coins can be seen on the page Supported Assets on the Coinomi website.

Creating a wallet per coin can also be done quickly, it only takes a few clicks and you can start receiving balances with the wallet address listed on the screen.

Wallet with Tight Security

When you want to open an account or wallet on Coinomi, users will be asked to save something like: mnemonic phrases used as the account key. Users are expected to store the key properly so as not to lose their wallet.

And in the application it also has a double protection feature in the form of a PIN or Fingerprint to open a wallet. So that no one else can access the application except the owner of the phone.

Fast Sync Process

When opening the wallet, the synchronization process will run immediately to update Block Height and also the price on each coin. From my experience it goes very fast as long as the connection is stable.

There is a green indicator which means the coin has synced. Meanwhile, if it is still red, it means that the synchronization process has not been completed and please wait a while until it turns green.

Fast Sync Process

Sometimes the synchronization process can also take a little longer if you have a lot of coins in one wallet. So wait at least 2 minutes for sure all coins are well synced.

Coinomi Available for Multiple Devices

Until now Coinomi can be used on devices Android, iOS, Windows, Macand also Linux. And inside it has almost the same appearance, be it on a cellphone or computer device.

Regarding the appearance, in my opinion it is very minimalist and the menu displayed is very neat and easy to understand. But the good thing is already support dark mode. So open the wallet at any time even at night will not be dazzled.

Responsive Support Service

This is what makes me feel at home using Coinomi until now. Because this crypto wallet has a responsive support service, so any problems will definitely get a solution from them.

And be aware that Coinomi does not have access to all the wallets listed. So the wallet you have, only you can manage it. Even if you want to issue or export wallets per coin from Coinomi to other wallets, you can, the guide is available on the Coinomi website.

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Some Questions About Coinomi

There are a number of things that are commonly asked about Coinomi, and here I try to help provide a little explanation to ease the anxiety of users when they have problems with their wallets.

Why doesn’t the coin balance increase even though it’s been sent?

Make sure Block Height the coins used are properly synced. You can match it with the one in the Coin Explorer used. if Block Height not syncing properly, please contact Coinomi’s support service.

Block Height on Coinomi

Basically Coinomi will immediately display a balance if there is an incoming transaction, provided that it must have at least 1 confirmation.

Why did the balance suddenly become zero?

Some ordinary people will assume that the balance is lost or so. Though this is only a matter of synchronization only. It could be that you accidentally pressed the option ReSynchronize which makes the wallet re-synchronize.

Wallet Balance Resync

Meanwhile the balance will remain safe. You can see it in explorer to be sure. As long as you keep the key (mnemonic phrases) safely, there is no need to worry about the balance you have.

Why can’t I send balance?

This obstacle is usually encountered when you are using the old version of the Coinomi application. For that, please update to the latest version so you can start sending certain coin balances.

And for some things, this can also be caused because the balance sent is so small that it cannot provide fee suitable for miners.

Why does there appear no connection on the wallet?

Check the internet connection you are using. Is his condition stable? The appearance of a notification of no connection or “no connection” indicates that the synchronization process has not started.

You can also use a VPN service to make sure the ISP you are using is not blocking Coinomi’s servers. There are many free VPNs available on the Play Store or the Apps Store, just use one.

The final word

Coinomi is a professional crypto wallet. Here the user is the one who can manage the wallet. Even Coinomi will not be able to access every user’s wallet. It also includes a digital currency exchange feature from several similar popular services Changelly.

As long as I use Coinomi, everything is working fine. As for the obstacles that sometimes occur, but they are rare and only problems maintenance to Block Height just. Apart from that, I haven’t had any serious problems so far.

Julybe in the future it will be even better if Coinomi provides information such as news in the application to find out if there are coins experiencing problems maintenanceto reduce user anxiety.

July be useful