Command Answer To Give Watermark Effect In Microsoft Word 2022 – When using Microsoft Word 2022 sometimes we want to put a watermark on the document or video file that we create. However, constrained do not know how to do it.

Well, below we will provide information about the command to give a watermark effect on Microsoft Word 2022, more precisely is the tutorial. So, please read this article till the end to know the full details.

The answer to the command to give a watermark effect in Microsoft Word 2022 is in

Giving watermarks in documents and videos is necessary. This is intended to prevent file theft, and make it easier for people to see that the file was made by the creator of the watermark.

MS 2022 users may still be confused about the command to give this watermark effect. So, below we will provide the full breakdown for you. please read carefully.

How to Create a Watermark Effect in Microsoft Word 2022

Here is a complete guide on creating watermarks in Microsoft Word 2022 document files that you are looking for. Please follow the steps below to know the command to create this watermark effect.

Oh yes, here we will share making watermarks using images or text, so you can choose which watermark symbol you will use in the document file.

1. Giving Watermark Effects via Images

  • Open MS word 2022 file
  • Then, on the menu bar select Design > Watermark > Custom Watermark
  • A printed watermark dialog will appear, to add a watermark in the form of an image, please select ‘Picture’. Then to select an image, please click ‘Select Picture’.
  • You can change the image scale via the ‘Dropdown’ menu and Scale to adjust the display size of the watermark
  • Well, to remove the transparent effect, disable it checklist (tick) in the ‘Washout’ section.
  • Done

That way, the process of making a watermark on Microsoft Word 2022 has been successfully carried out. Now, we will go to the second guide which is to use text or text only.

2. The command to create a watermark in the form of text in MS 2022

Okay, go ahead.

  • Go to the ‘Printed Watermark’ menu then select ‘Text Watermark’.
  • Please type the text you want to display as a watermark in the ‘Input Text’ box.
  • Set the font, watermark size in the Size . section
  • You can also give color to the text in the ‘Color’ section.
  • Check the ‘Semitransparent’ section to remove the transparent effect.
  • Next, set the placement of the watermark ‘Diagonal’ or ‘Horizontal’ in the ‘Layout’ section.
  • If it is appropriate, tap ‘Apply’ to end this microsoft word 2022 watermark creation session.

Thus the information that we can share related to the command statement to give a watermark effect on Microsoft Word 2022 is contained here. I hope the little information we share is useful for you.

Especially for users of the word 2022 application who want to know the command to be able to make a watermark in the form of an image or text on a document file that he painstakingly created. Thank you and hopefully useful.