Cool IG Filters for the Latest Aesthetic Guys

Cool Ig Filters for the Latest Guys 2022
filter-ig-cool-for-boys – In this millennial era, there are lots of new filter effects that allow users to be cool, especially for guys. This cool filter is not only about making the skin color that was previously brown to white, but there are supporting effects that make photos/videos look cool.

Some of these cool filters for guys are also equipped with the accompaniment of a jedug song, an English song, or just an instrumental with effects sparkle workout inside it. So, it looks aesthetic if you want to make it into TikTok or Instagram content.

Well, below we will provide a row of ig filters for guys that we think are quite supportive for your Instagram content. So, your video or photo will look better and aesthetic enough to look at.

Cool IG Filters for the Latest Guys

Here is a row of cool effects for guys that we managed to collect from various sources. Please try the effects below to see how the results of their use.

  • CC Me Glow by Summerfridays: This Glow Up filter created by the creators of CC Me Glow allows the face to be slightly yellowish. Typical of male skin that is more suitable to wear a slightly dark color compared to pure white.

The impression of a photo or video that sometimes looks pale can be neutralized with the CC Me Glow effect made by this creator. So, the skin looks more exotic and masculine to look at.

  • All Soften By Rahmamqf: Makes the face look pale white with the effect of lips turning bright red like wearing thick lipstick.
  • 90Stetic By domiandrou : Not much different from all soften. But this effect is equipped with blinks that make the image or video more alive.
  • CyberPunk 4 By: Navs.navs : create a spooky mask effect typical of the god of death in the movie ‘Death Note’.
  • Tetteteb By Herusugiarta : Brings up the effect of faucet sunglasses + tattoos around the face.
  • Tokyo Goul – Kaneki By Lowkeyavan : raises the effect of Kaneki’s face mask which looks spooky.
  • Corpse By No Name: Introduces a single horn mask effect which is pretty cool to use.
  • Gemask By Debbyless: gives a white mask effect with a pause effect in it.
  • Purplez By Itsgutt: gives a purple horn effect with a line around the viewing face. Looks cool if the user wears dark clothes with messy hairstyles.
  • Dabi By z7nf : gives the effect of a dabi face mask, one of the characters in the anime Bokuno Hero Academy.
  • Litlegroot By z7nf : gives a wooden mask effect typical of animated movie characters that have appeared on local TV, perfect for those of you who don’t have PD and want to cover your face with a mask.
  • Levi By z7nf : not much different from Dabi and Litlegroot this filter will bring up the face of Levi’s character that covers your face.
  • Mono By ya.molli : gives a mono color effect around the face. The image will look more blackish white than the typical mono color.

That’s the information we can convey related to Instagram filters for this cool guy. For those of you guys who want to make your face have a tattoo using sunglasses, wear an anime mask, or make your face look pure white, you can use the row of filters above. Thank you and hopefully useful.