Creating a Recent Post Widget on the Blog

Latest articles widget – The recent post widget or the latest article is a widget that functions as a blog supporter to display new articles published on the blog. This widget is very important, namely as a navigation for your blog visitors to make it easier for them to find new articles that you publish.

In addition to the above, of course, this widget supports the steps or SEO efforts that you apply to your blog. How to make a recent post is also quite easy without you changing the HTML instructions in the blog template, you just need to add some HTML/Javascript instructions in the layout on your blogger account. If you are successful, the recent ost widget that you just created looks the same as the recent post in this blog, but you can also read our other article about creating auto recent post slider.

Recent Post Widget on Blog
So here is a tutorial on how to create a recent post widget or the latest post widget on blogger:

  1. Login your blogger account/ layout/ Add HTML or Javascript
  2. Enter the instructions below:

Note: Replace red with the number of new articles to display.