Crypto Coin Trading Experience at Altmarkets

There are lots of sites that provide services for buying and selling crypto coins on the internet. However, some of them are considered less reliable due to several factors. For example, there is no development on the website, few members, and so on.

The first time I tried the service on the Altmarkets website, I was actually a little hesitant. Because the site is not as popular as the others. But after I tried to test deposit and withdraw, everything went smoothly without any problems at all.

Even now I still use Altmarkets to exchange or buy crypto coins there. None of the problems have ever happened and in this article I will share my experience using Altmarkets and why I still continue to use it today.

Experience Using Altmarkets

First of all I want to say that this article aimless to promote Altmarkets, and I didn’t even get paid to write this article. So overall, I wrote this post just to vent.

So the first time I used Altmarkets was when I wanted to exchange coins Sugarchain and CPUChain obtained from mining. Both cryptocurrencies are not popular enough, so they are only available on 2 or 3 exchange service sites, and Altmarkets is one of them.

So at that time I created an account at Altmarkets and started testing deposits and withdrawals first with a small enough coin nominal just to be sure.

At the beginning of the deposit, the entry process took a while even though the confirmation obtained from the explorer was quite a lot. But it happened because Block Height Altmarkets Wallet has not been updated. But after a few minutes the balance finally entered and the withdrawal test also went smoothly.

Since then I have continued to use Altmarkets to exchange crypto coins there and thankfully until now there have been no problems at all, aka all transactions are always successful.

Reasons I Keep Using Altmarkets

To be honest, I don’t just use Altmarkets for my crypto coin exchange needs. Instead I continue to use Altmarkets only to exchange the coins I get from mining using CPUlike the name of the coin I mentioned above.

So I exchanged the coins to DOGE, which will be sent to the Indodax wallet to be converted into rupiah. But as for the reason I still use Altmarkets compared to others, here are some of them.

1. Uncomplicated Account Opening

The registration process is fast and only takes about 5 minutes. No need for verification process KYC to start transacting, this is what I like about this service, which is not complicated.

2. Strict Account Security

Altmarkets Security

Each user is required to set two-factor authentication to secure the account. Usually this method is also required for all services exchange. And this authentication is only needed when you want to log in to your account.

3. Fees at Altmarkets are Low

Low Fee

Whether it’s a fee in the type of trading or withdrawal, it’s fairly low. But there are also some coins that require large fees, such as Bitcoin. There is provided a list of fees according to coins, it can be seen on the Wallet Status page.

4. Support Service Available

Altmarkets Support Service

Sometimes there are exchange services that are not responsive to user complaints. But not with Altmarkets. Every user can contact them easily. And the last time I contacted them was to ask about the wallet status. Their reply took a while, but in the end they answered.

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The final word

That’s my journey using Altmarkets. So you don’t need to hesitate anymore if you want to trade crypto coins there, because it’s completely safe. When this article was written, the total number of members who joined was around 12 thousand.

Hopefully in the future Altmarkets can consider changing its appearance to make it neater and easier to reach the menu. At least that’s all that makes me uncomfortable when using it.

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