DANA Wallet Email Verification Solution Not Incoming

Already know about an online wallet called DANA? Basically, to register there is very easy and fast, but to fulfill registration information requires actions from the user, such as filling in the full name, email address, and others.

Every time a user adds an email address, of course, they will be asked to verify by clicking on the link sent in an email message. But what if the verification message not sent to the email address registered with DANA?

This is not the first time that DANA has had problems, in fact there are other problems besides this which are quite sufficient criticalit’s just that the DANA team solved it faster.

FUND Email Verification Solution Not Sent

Here I will explain some ways to overcome this problem. And if you want to know how important email is to an account in DANA, it’s also discussed below. Immediately following is a solution that you can follow to solve it.

1. Make sure the email address is written correctly

Please check again whether the email address you wrote is correct, because even one word will not be sent. And if the email address is wrong, please change the address immediately and tap the button Kirim Ulang.

Resend Verification Email from DANA

2. Check Spam or Junk Folder in Email

Sometimes a verification message can go to the spam or junk folder because the email service filters the message. So please try to check again, maybe it goes into that folder.

In addition to the spam folder, please also check the folder Social or Promotion, because sometimes it could just go there. However, if you have searched all the folders, you still can’t find the verification message, please continue to the third solution.

3. Contacting DANA Wallet Support Service

If you have done the two things above but do not produce results, then it is certain that the problem is from the DANA system itself. But don’t worry, because you can contact DANA support service to be followed up regarding the problem.

In some cases, this kind of problem is caused due to the system maintenanceso it’s not just you who experience it, but all new users who register must have the same problem.

As long as this problem is from the DANA system, you just have to wait until it’s resolved. But I myself can not explain how long this kind of problem will end. It could be a day, a week, or even longer, and it all depends on the team technical DANA itself in fixing it.

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How Important is the Role of Email in a DANA Wallet Account?

If you encounter this problem, you will definitely wonder how important an email address is to a DANA account. Here I help to explain that the role of the email serves to add account identity only.

But even if the email account is not verified, all its features can still be used properly. I got this information directly from the DANA support service via Twitter.

So all activities such as sending and receiving balances to other accounts or to bank accounts will remain normal as usual. But also note that this policy is subject to change at any time.

Hopefully useful and good luck