Dark Skin Face Makeup Tips

Hello girls…Having black skin certainly doesn’t have to lower your self-confidence, because your self-confidence also shows another side of your beauty. Show that you are confident and you can make your own makeup tips at home to support your appearance. This time Tips and How to share tips on how to make up for dark skin types. With the perfect make-up, it will make you look more elegant no matter your black skin color. Women in Indonesia generally have tan type skin because we live in tropical weather, even if you make up your dark face perfectly then you will look more exotic. Also read our other articles how to whiten facial skin.

Make up for the face of course different from one another according to the shape of the face, skin color, and the condition of your face. Well, here are some tips for facial makeup dark skinned appropriately:

Dark Skin Face Makeup

In general, dark skinned women tend to have uneven skin tone. Some parts of the face are generally darker than other parts of the face such as the forehead and some parts are more pronounced or brighter, such as the nose and cheeks. Your task is to create a darker color and a lighter color to have an even color. Use a suitable moisturizer and apply a good foundation, bit by bit between the lighter flakes of the face and the darker flakes of the facial skin. Repeat foundation between facial flakes until the color is evenly distributed over all facial flakes.

If you want to apply a tinted moisturizer only, then use a color moisturizer that matches your face and can cover black patches (such as the forehead) and make it even with a color that fits all parts of your face. You can use moisturizer and foundation, but you shouldn’t use foundation without moisturizer. If you only apply a foundation that matches only the dark flakes from your skin, it won’t look natural! Remember, we are trying to even out two different skin tones.

Dark-skinned women need to stay away from contrasting colors, such as overly vivid colors, for example! Make sure you choose a lipstick or lip balm color that matches your skin tone, such as brownish, person, pale red, this will make you look more natural! Shades like plum, red wine is the best color for dark skinned women’s lips.

The majority of dark-skinned women have darker or brown eye colors, therefore the best color that complements your beautiful eye color is a deep shade of purple (will create eye shades that look bigger). With the perfect make-up on the eyes, it will make you look more elegant and look beautiful! Also avoid thick eyeliner
The use of eyeliner is good to define the eye line so that it offers a dramatic and elegant eye effect and looks bigger and sharper, but it is not entirely true for those of you with dark skin. Avoid the use of thick eyeliner and use under the eyes, because it will only make small eyes and look tired.

Avoid Blush-On
Blush-on is one of the make-up products that you should avoid if you have a dark-skinned face. The use of blush-on to emphasize cheekbones on dark skin will actually make the makeup look unnatural and unnatural.

Highlight the advantages of your face
Take a look at your face, which facial flakes are the best or the most prominent? Is it big eyes with curly eyelashes? What are full lips? Or thick eyebrows? Now, focus on your make-up to accentuate those flakes even more, by helping to bring out a few other flakes for balance. You can apply these makeup tips for black skin to beautify your dark skin.