Defender Defender What Does It Mean? This is the explanation

All – For Mobile Legend game players, maybe you’ve heard the phrase defender defender who went viral on Tiktok? or any other platform that says the same sentence.

The upload of defender, defender, defender, is worried that you, this deck, has seen a lot of people watching it, so it’s not wrong if many people want to know the meaning of the word defender, defender, which you can find on the platforms of short video providers such as TikTok, Snack Video, or Youtube.

Well, below we will provide an explanation related to what the meaning of defender defender who often appears on short video platforms in this Bang-bang Mobile Legend game. So, please read to the end to find out the full details.

Defender Defender Defender is worried about you Dek

Defender, defender, worry, you, deck, is a sentence that is often said by Gilang or Bagong ML when using several heroes in the ML game. His funny demeanor and demeanor made these words liked by domestic netizens.

In addition, Gilang also often shares video montages that say the words defender, defender, defender, you’re worried, dek slebew, which causes laughter and humorous comments by domestic netizens.

So, it’s not wrong if the sentence crazy, defender, defender, you’re worried, this deck is viral and many people want to know the meaning of his words. So, what is the meaning of the word defender, defender? the following is the explanation.

Defender Defender What Does It Mean?

The sentence defender defender defender is actually a play on the English language, namely Back (back). However, because Bagong Mobile Legend often uses this sentence quickly, it seems that the word ‘Back’ is replaced with the word defender.

The word ‘Back’ which in English is interpreted by returning is in accordance with the context of the various videos he uploaded. Because every time the enemy hero wants to return to base, Gilang will say the sentence, defender, defender, you’re worried, deck.

Meanwhile, for the sentence ‘anxiety you dek’ means that you panic, brother. So, if you combine the defenders, the defenders, when you worry, it means that you are back, back to panic, brother. In order to insinuate enemy heroes who want to return to their base.

That’s the information that we can convey regarding the meaning of defender, defender, and also an explanation related to the sentence that is often said by this Mobile Legend. Hopefully the little info we share is useful, especially for those of you who are looking for the meaning of the word defender, defender, defender. Bye and see you