Difference between Neo Savings and Neo Now

Portalsitaro.com – Many users of the NeoBank application: BNC Digital Bank may not know the difference between Neo and Neo now savings. Because, these two savings options are not the same as each other.

Therefore it is important for Neo Bank users to know the difference between neo now and neo savings. In order not to misinterpret one another, even though both are still in the same application.

To find out what the difference between neo and neo now savings is that not all users know. Here is more information related to the two, please read carefully to know what the difference is.

The Difference Between Neo And Neo Now Savings

You need to know, our users have listed several important points that make it easier for users to see the difference from Neo Now and Neo savings. This will also provide convenience for users to issue balances.

So, Neo Bank users e-commerce need to know a few things related to the difference between neo and neo now. Here are some points that make it easier for you to identify these two Neo Bank services. Also Read: How to Change Neo Bank Number: Lost and Inactive


Users need to know, Neo Now is an account that is formed after successfully registering in the Neo application. After successfully registering, someone will immediately get a Neo Now account.

Meanwhile, Now savings are usually obtained after Neo Bank customers have successfully opened an account. After the account opening is approved and the account has been declared active, then you can create Neo savings.


The next difference between Neo and Neo Now is in the flower section. Where, for Neo Savings users will not be able to get daily interest. As for the Neo Now account, the opposite applies, aka you can get interest per day.

Therefore, if you want your Neo Bank application account to get a lot of extra money, please fill it in the neo now balance section, because there is a possibility that the user account will earn interest. Unlike savings that do not require interest from the start.

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That’s a brief explanation that we can convey regarding the difference between Neo Now and Neo savings. Hopefully the little info we shared above makes it easier for you to know the difference between the two.

If the user wants the balance to increase without adding the balance to Neo Now, you can use the method that the admin recommends, which is inviting friends to join this NeoBank application.

Don’t forget to enter the Neo invite code which is valid for new users. because by doing this, the balance in your NeoBank application account will increase and increase.

If the user successfully invites friends, he will be given an invitation bonus of 25 thousand rupiah. While friends who register get a bonus of 20 thousand rupiah. steady isn’t it?