Difference Megavision VS Indihome

Portalsitaro.com – In today’s digital era, the need for the internet is one of the main things for most Indonesians. Starting from the problem of work, school, and other activities are now made easier with the internet.

There are various internet providers that one can choose, both for activities outside the home and home internet. And some home internet options are Indihome and Megavision.

Well, below we will provide a little information related to the difference between Indihome vs Megavision. For those of you who want to install wifi at home, and are confused about which one is more efficient to use from these two wifis, you can read this article to see the advantages of each.

Megavision vs Indihome, Here’s the Difference

When one wants to choose a home internet service, Megavision and Indihome are the best alternatives that one can choose. Because, these two services provide access to internet services and TV broadcasts.

Below we will also describe a few advantages of each service. So that potential users can judge for themselves which one is more suitable for accessing your home wifi.

Megavision Internet Service

Megavision is an internet and cable TV telecommunications service made by PT Cemerlang Multimedia. This service was established on July 14, 2001 ago and is headquartered in Sukajadi, Bandung.

Until now, Megavision wifi has networks in two major cities in Indonesia, namely Bandung and Bogor. In the future, maybe the management will develop this internet network to various big cities in Indonesia.

The advantages of Megavision internet are as follows:

  • Using 100% fiber optic
  • Fast and stable wifi internet connection
  • Unlimited internet
  • Loading cable TV service
  • Many choices of free TV channels, approximately 59 for the silver package and more than 103 for the Gold package.
  • Good sound and picture quality
  • Affordable prices, with Silver and Gold package options. Starting from 229 thousand – 549 thousand / month (not including 10% VAT)

Indihome Internet Service

Furthermore, there is indihome as one of the most widely distributed home internet services throughout Indonesia. IndiHome is one of the internet service products from PT Telkom Indonesia.

This service also offers a wide range of internet, telephone, and television (TV) products such as megavision wifi. Further information related to IndiHome wifi can be seen below.

  • Provides various packages for home internet needs, both for internet and telephone, internet and tv, as well as internet, telephone, and tv.
  • National and international TV broadcasts
  • There are features Play Back, Karaoke and Record Video.
  • Security Protection Service
  • Fast and stable internet wifi network
  • There is a free phone bonus every month for users who buy a phone package.
  • Wide reach
  • Payments can be made anywhere.

That’s the difference between indihome and wifi Megavision. From the description above, we think it’s easier for you to choose one of these internet service providers. So, don’t hesitate when choosing it.

Some users may rarely find this Megavision internet service, because only a few big cities use it. but in quality it is not inferior to IndiHome which was born first. Thank you and hopefully useful.