Differences Citranet VS Indihome

Portalsitaro.com – Internet access in this millennial era is a necessity that cannot be abandoned for some people. Moreover, for online sellers or content creators who often do activities at home.

There are various kinds of internet service providers that we can find spread across regions in Indonesia. One of the wifi internet services that is widely used by the general public is indihome.

However, indihome is not the only internet service in the country. There are several home internet services that might be a consideration for potential users who want to use them.

One of the home wifi services that you can consider is Citranet. This service has good quality at a relatively affordable price. It’s just that until this article was written, this service is still available in Central Java and Yogyakarta only.

Below, we will provide a little information about the difference between Citranet vs Indihome. As a form of consideration for users who are confused about choosing one of the two. Here’s the explanation.

Citranet vs Indihome Difference

Every home internet service certainly has various advantages, this also applies to Citranet and Indihome. Both of these home wifi also offer their respective advantages and differences.

It’s just that for now, Indihome may be superior in terms of popularity. In addition to having long been in the territory of Indonesia, Telkom’s internet service also has a wider reach than the others.

Without further ado, here are the differences between Citranet vs Indihome wifi that you need to know.

Citranet Wifi Internet Service

  • Installation fee of 150 thousand – 250 thousand (not including others)
  • Package subscription fees start from 220 thousand – 820 / month
  • Limited area, only valid around Central Java and Yogyakarta (Purwokerto, Tegal, Bantul, Surakarta, Solo and others)
  • Infinite Home and Infinite Lite package options

Indihome Home Internet Service

  • Initial installation fee of 500 thousand (not including 10% VAT). If you are on a promo, the price can decrease by 50% to 250 thousand + 11% VAT (following the policy of Telkom Indonesia)
  • Package subscription fees start from 275 thousand – 2.6 million / month
  • There are various package variants, namely (internet, internet+TV, and internet+TV+Phone)
  • The coverage area is wider, but it must be available or through Telkom’s telephone cable.

That’s the comparison between Citranet vs Indihome that we can convey. The essence of this comparison is in terms of installation costs, monthly fees, package choices, and also internet access in their respective regions.

For potential users who are on the list of indihome and Citranet regions, maybe through the article above you can choose which one is more efficient to use for your home internet needs. Thank you and hopefully useful.