Disabling Location for Certain Apps on Android

Allowing location access on an untrusted app is like sharing your current location with strangers. For that, it is very important for you to control which applications can monitor the location of your phone. Because after all, location is a privacy that should be protected.

So can you control which apps use location permissions on Android? Of course you can, but not all Android OS. But it can only be done starting from the Android version 5.0 (Lollipop) up.

That’s because Android versions of KitKat and below can’t control the permissions of an app. So can only check it. Unless the phone is already in status ROOTthen it can be tricked with an application called XPrivacy.

How to Turn Off Location on Certain Apps

For Android Lollipop phone users and above, you can apply the method below without the need for root access and also does not require other additional applications. Because the application permissions manager feature is basically already provided by the system.

Immediately, here’s how to turn off location access on certain apps on Android:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Tap menu Application.

    Tap Application Menu

  3. Select the app for which you want to turn off location access.

    Select Application

  4. Scroll down and tap menu Permission or Permissions.

    Tap Permission Menu

  5. Then tap menu Location.

    Disabling Location for Certain Apps

  6. And set it as Reject.

    Set As Reject

Now the app will no longer be able to use the Location feature on the phone. And you can repeat the steps above to set it on other applications.

Meanwhile, if you want to activate it again, actually the steps are still the same as above, and you only need to set from Reject Becomes allow.

Check Which Apps Use Location

Searching for applications that use location access on a one-to-one basis is not something that is effective. But in some phones there is a permissions management feature, where users can see all applications with certain permissions.

For example on Samsung phones (One UI), there are features Permission Managerwhich is located in the menu Privacy. But if your phone doesn’t have such a feature, then another way is to use the help of an application called Permission Manager.

Please download and install the application through the Play Store. And then go to tab Permissionsthen go to section Location to see which apps are using location permissions.

In the application, you can also directly disable the permission, which will lead you to the application settings as selected.


Since Android version 5.0 and above, an application will require confirmation in advance of all the required permissions. And also be aware that some apps may indeed need those permissions to make the app work properly.

Examples such as applications GPS, of course the user is required to allow location access in order to use it. So as a suggestion, just disable location permission only on apps that you feel don’t need the location feature.

Hopefully useful and good luck