DJ Gani Gani’s Viral IG Filter on Tiktok – Various new filters have appeared in the Tiktok and Instagram applications, and one of the effects that is quite popular is the ig gani gani filter which is going viral.

The song gani gani, rain, storm, hurricane, is now a trending topic in the country. the reason is, this song was made as a backsong for several filters on the Tiktok and Instagram applications.

This dj gani Gani song is indeed quite cool and comfortable to listen to. So it’s not surprising that many netizens are looking for this song. Moreover, gani gani is used as the background for several domestic IG filters.

Well, for those of you who want to know the list of Instagram filter names that use this stormy windstorm song, you can read this article to the end to find out the detailed info.

Gani Gani’s Viral IG Filter on TikTok

For those of you who are looking for a viral ig DJ gani gani filter on TikTok, here we provide a collection of digging filters on Instagram that we managed to get. Read the text below for the creators and their effects.

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1. DJ Gani Gani Filter By Abdulkatsiir

Gani gani song instagram filter, the first hurricane storm from the IG account @Abdulkatsiir. The name of the effect is DJ Insite the Lines. This filter creates a wobbling effect on the image or video while there is a wave arc in the middle of the video.

2. Gani Gani Song Filter by _Alfrzii00

There are 2 gani-gani song theme filters created by the _alfrzii00 account, including ‘Filter Gani Gani’ and ‘Filter JJ GANI GANI’.

In the first effect will play a song + kodak camera effect. So, the effect is visible aesthetic and stylish.

In the second effect, the backsound of the song gani gani, rain and storm, is heard with the addition of lullaby music.

Please use one of these ig gani gani effects to create unique and creative content using photos or video footage that you have.

3. Gani Gani Filter By Tqwaltf12_

The final filter was created by the creators of Tqwaltf12_. You can get this filter by including the words ‘Gani Gani Filter’ in the effect search.

By using this effect you will get an inverted effect + DJ accompaniment bandage of gani-gani songs in it. Read also: Love Letter IG Filter For Starla

That’s the information we can convey regarding the gani gani instagram filter that went viral on TikTok. Hopefully the little information above makes it easier for you to find these effects.

Don’t forget to support the creator of the filter by following, liking, and commenting on his effects. So that they are more enthusiastic in working in bringing out other unique and aesthetic filters.