Dogecoin Solution Not Entering Wallet

Dogecoin is a very popular cryptocurrency in Indonesia. Many services provide a payment method in the form of Dogecoin for the purchase of digital goods. That includes some sort of hosting, domain, VPN, and so on.

Dogecoin transactions are basically almost the same as Bitcoin, where users are asked to wait for confirmation after the transaction enters a block. However, there are also incidents that keep Dogecoin from entering.

The incident seemed to have been waiting for several hours however still not logged in also. This happens due to many factors, and all of them will be discussed here along with solutions to overcome them.

1. Make sure the Dogecoin address is not wrong

The biggest problem is when you write down the recipient’s address incorrectly, whether it’s from the size of the text. Because after all, Dogecoin addresses are better to copy than manually typed.

It would be even better if you took a picture directly with QR-Code provided, of course the address text will not go wrong at all.

For that, please check again whether the recipient’s address is correct, including the size of the text. If it turns out to be wrong, then there is no other way to fix it and the coins sent will go to the wrong address. Meanwhile, if the address is correct, please continue listening to the second solution.

2. Wallet Requires More Confirmation

Normally on official Dogecoin wallets it only takes approx 3 confirmations only until it is considered fully delivered. But for other wallets, sometimes it requires more confirmation, approx 10 confirmations.

So please just wait until the transaction gets lots of confirmations. Even in some wallets, the balance or coin will appear as pending if the total confirmation does not meet the requirements.

3. Block Height Hasn’t Synced on Wallet

This happens when you use another wallet, because usually there is a delay in Block Height synchronization. So as long as the Block Height is not updated, it certainly won’t be able to find the transaction you made.

But you don’t have to worry, because sometimes the Block Height synchronization process on most wallets takes about half an hour. So again all you have to do is just wait.

Block Height can sometimes be monitored in the wallet. And if it hasn’t been updated in a relatively long time, please contact the wallet service and say that Block Height is not syncing properly.

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4. Transaction Stuck in Dogecoin MemPool

Basically the mempool is where all valid transactions are waiting to be confirmed by the Dogecoin network. If there are a lot of transactions in the mempool, it will require more time to get confirmation.

Again, you just have to wait for this to happen. It’s like you’re stuck in a traffic jam, so there’s no other way but to wait your turn to walk. And the longest this incident will last for 1 day.

It is very easy to find out that your transaction is stuck in the mempool, that is, the transaction has not been confirmed for a relatively long period of time.

That’s the only solution I can give. Most of that is normal, so you just have to wait for the coins to come in. But I also recommend using an official wallet instead of others so that there are no problems in terms of Block Height synchronization.

If you want to add another solution except above, you are very welcome to share it in the comments column below.

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